Bring up snapping the dessert course by Theobroma.

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Last updated: April 15, 2019

Bring on the BlingTime and again in a food shoot, you’ll be hauling all over the place so many props exclusively expecting it would make the photograph look beautiful. Now and again you may go inordinate, so whenever you place a section, just ask, what was that for? In the wedding-themed shoot for Hungry Forever, Chennai’s no: 1 food blog, the team ended up snapping the dessert course by Theobroma. There were countless props but choosing the ultimate ones was central.

“Normally, I wedge to a decent serving plate, few fresh flowers and the icing on the top. Position your props appropriately around your food without taking the significance off the food. The flowers were arranged around the cupcake in a circular pattern and it also improved the golden rim of the plate” said Kunal Daswani, one of the leading food photographer in Chennai.The cupcake icing did not have to be obvious, but even though it wasn’t clear enough, one can get a clue of it.

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The value of the props always substances; It is always better to have something that has a good texture. The mauve used is a running material but have a papyrus-like texture which enriched the photograph.Complete with the IncompleteThe food ingredients explosion one is the most extravagant trend these days. When you want to demonstrate the readers the ingredients that make up the absolute dish, though it’s supposed to look natural, the structure has to be well premeditated. “Few things to look out for: the quantity of ingredients, the sizes of the plates or boards, the materials to be presented on and the forms in which the ingredients are going to be shown”, said Pixel Town Photography Studio Chennai who is involved in food shoots of food blogs.”When taking a top angle of a long shot, the tripod may not be able to implement it, so do link it concurrently to the laptop while taking pictures of your shot.

This way one can see if all of the rudiments have been focused precisely, you may have to take numerous shots and overlay later. Also, be ready for a fall when the photographer is dangling at odd heights!” added the popular studio.Proportions is another crucial element in food photography. For example, the coconut shreds, chillis, and scallops are all placed in spherical things but of varied sizes. “You don’t have to show all of them, always take the most vital ones,” said Mr.

Ram Keshav, who is a popular food photographer, by pointing out the three crucial spices on top of the dish being photographed then.In the Mood for FoodAt times, one thing that’s given utmost importance in food shoots is the establishment of mood.” One of my favourites is the shot of ‘Hortus’, a plant based cooking from the Travel and Food feature by a blogger in Chennai. The success of the shot lay in the spectacular use of negative space”, said Mr. Keshav.” But always keep in mind that, too much or too little of it could create a poor frame” added Mr.

Keshav. It is always necessary to take care how well does the foreground compliment in emphasizing the food or beverage? Is the texture subtle? How does one make complexity without it seeming like it was rutted against some paper?When asked about the lighting, The Rocon Studio Director said “Using natural light, preferably near a glass window will give a good composition and also placing the board slantwise makes a rapid perception.An appropriate volume of headspace to generate the minimalistic mood and the addition of the complementary colored board and doily to show the various tones and shades of white is a popular technique used for the food shoots.Food for ThoughtAt times shots look awesome because of the table setting. Food on its own has its loveliness but photographing it is a challenge sometimes. “The close-up shots bring out the tantalizing side whereas mid- and long shots are slightly fiddly,” said Mr. Rakesh, one of the food photographer of the Roccon Studio.

Though the background is not too evident, it makes for the utmost importance. It should always compliment the food’s color tones too. The type of lens used also matters. For example, the photo would have looked very gloomy if the spoon wasn’t focused.The mania surrounding food photography is now a trending phenomenon. It is allegedly the second most prevalent subject of photography zealots on Instagram after the selfie mania.

A question to give a thought is ‘Is this category of photography still to obtain its complete credit?

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