Britain is still a racist country

A subject, which always arouses strong feelings on both sides of the argument, is racism in the UK. I believe that, although racism still continues, Great Britain can be a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-coloured country. It is important to distinguish between institutional racism and street racism; colour racism and cultural racism; the racism of discussion and attitudes and the racism of behaviour and structures.

Racisms have been a fundamental constituent of the deformation of British history.Racism in the UK should be tackled more overtly, directly and forcefully. The softly, softly approach that is in action to this current day, will not and does not work. I wholly believe that racism is awful, groundless and fallacious.

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One of my main reasons for saying this is that Asians, dark-Europeans and black people in this country alone should be allowed to live and feel just like any other human being. The way they are treated, both by members of society and the law, make them feel inferior. Ruthless white members of the general public have attacked many of them.In the case of Mal Hussein, an Asian shop owner, the police force and the local council did absolutely nothing to prevent racist neighbours from the petrol bombing, abuse and assault attacks that they have had to deal with for several years. Moreover, it is not just those from ethnic minorities who get bombed and abused. In Northern Ireland, in a little town named Ardoyne, little girls as young as the age of four years old, have been subjected to racist abuse and attacks because of their beliefs.

The little girls, some of whom were going to school for the first time, were walking with their parents to the catholic school, Holy Cross Primary.To get to their school however, they had to walk through a protestant ‘area’. Some people threw bombs at the girls and their parents, because of the on-going feud between the two religions. But throwing a bomb at girls on their way to school is the lowest you can possibly sink. The bomb blast injured four riot policemen. The horrific and sickening scenes in Belfast’s town of Ardoyne present one of the worst images of Great Britain since the bombing in Omagh and Warrington. In America, and around the world for that fact, the reaction is stunned disbelief. Is this really the Great Britain of the 21st century?Is this really the Northern Ireland, where they claim there is a ‘peace process’? The truth is that the only small minority on either side of the divide is directly involved in violence.

Peace could have a chance if all sides could unite in their condemnation of the alarming horror of Holy Cross School. If Martin McGuinness, a man who for years was an IRA spokesman, and Gerry Adams could find common ground like Billy Hutchinson, a hard-line Protestant politician, there could be some hope. For the sakes of the children in Belfast, this past mutual hatred must be buried.Should this continue, Northern Ireland would rapidly sink to the level of Kosovo. In addition to this, cases such as Ahmed Ullah, Damilola Taylor, Stephen Lawrence and Michael Menson, such evidence that they were the subjects of race-hate gangs, supports my argument that Britain is still a racist country. In the case of Ahmed Ullah, a 13-year-old Bangladeshi boy who was stabbed to death by a white student in the playground of Burnage High school. This happened when Ahmed went to the aid of another student who was being bullied.

Another white student attacked him with a knife.As Ahmed was dying, 13-year-old Darren Coulburn asked him; “do you want another one, you stupid paki; there’s plenty more where they came from;” as Ahmed’s family and friends mourned his death, the education authorities were forced to consider whether schools could do more to prevent racial bullying. The case of Michael Menson, a black musician, took the protesting and campaigning of his family; friends and supporters for the police even to consider re-opening the case.

Initially, the police had thought that Menson had committed suicide by setting himself on fire.It took the extra effort of the metropolitan police, the Cyprus’ police and customs to finally track down his killer. The brutal murders of Damilola Taylor and Stephen Lawrence were very alike. Both were stabbed in broad daylight; both were innocent members of the public and had not harmed anyone; one group or person murdered both and both of their killers have not been brought to justice. On the other hand, many people think they have a right to be racist. They feel because the majority of the UK is white, that those who are a different colour do not belong here.

Britain is populated with many different races but the feeling that the whites reign supreme is one that never goes away. Asians always seem to be reminded that they are second-rate citizens. Many Asians feel they are not British. That is because they know that they have not been fully accepted. They still walk down the street of Britain and are called names. People in Britain have many differences.

But we reside in the same space and share the same future. The name of the space we share is ‘Britain’. No one group or community owns Britain.Some communities or groups may have more weight and power than others, but this does not mean that they control what happens and who lives here. Britain is no ones sole possession.

We call all of the people who are different to us names, but it is our fault that they are over here in the first place. We brought them over in the late fifties for cheap labour. They had had troubles with money in the East-Asian countries, so we came up with a solution for them; you can come over here and work, but we will not pay what we would pay the white workers. Because of this, we are to blame for so many asylum seekers.The amount of asylum seekers in refugee camps at Calais is partly our fault, despite us pleading with the French to re-locate the camps. The reason we let so many asylum seekers illegally enter this country and do nothing if we catch them, is because; a) The amount of workers in Britain that are of different race or religion would be decreased b) The asylum seekers would think it was unfair to let some people in but not them c) We are a ‘soft touch’ and d) The labour government will not do anything to prevent it. The amount of illegal immigrants in communities today is causing uproar in places like Bradford, Burnley, Oldham and Southall.

Many people in these cities have been attacked by Asian youths who have segregated many areas of Bradford and declared them ‘no-white areas’. As a result of this, there has been inner city rioting and many people have been injured and even killed. 8 people were left injured alone in one night, so imagine the amount of injured people when the rioting died down.

In conclusion, we are still a racist country. We call people who are from ethnic minorities names and abuse and attack them; there is inner city rioting when there should not be and people have segregated areas of towns.None of this should be happening in any country let alone ours. The police have tried tirelessly to bring race-hate gangs and individuals to justice after either rioting or murdering, but they are still portrayed as racist. Racism is something that this country could do without.

There are many organisations to combat racism such as CRE (Campaign for Racial Equality) and CARF (Campaign Against Racism and Fascism) that help people suffering from racism, so this substantiates that Britain is trying hard to keep racism and fascism under control.

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