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Last updated: December 9, 2019
Who wrote “bright star”?`
Keats-two years before he died of TB

in “bright star” the star is the ?
sees a North star while walking (walking tour of England’s lake district)

who is keats talking about in bright star?
his lover – he hates he cannot spend eternity with her in this moment

What type of poet is bright star?
sonnet-written as a single sentence

the beginning of bright star describes what?
the central image (steadfast, eternal, forever, patient, still, unchangeable)

the middle of bright star describes what 2 symbols?
moving water (cleansing) and snow (purity)

In the end of bright star keats compares himself to?
a star- becuase he wants to be steadfast without having to be alone

“desire is to ?” (bright star)
experience eternity with human love

who published ode on a grecian urn?
Keats himself

why was keats inspired to write ode on a grecian urn?
read two articles by Benjamin Haydon

what did keats believe about greek art?
classic greek art was idealistic, captured greek virtues (which formed the basis of the poem)

definition of ode?
greek word for sung

what two scenes does the poem focus on?
1. lover pursues a beloved without fulfillment2. villager performing a sacrifice

Was the ode originally received well?
no, but now is considered the greatest ode in english language

what is the theme of ode to a grecian urn?
examination of art and it’s audience-representational art

what is keats trying to answer in the ode on a grecian urn?
how the urn (imperfect & mortal) is capable of relating to truth (perfection, immortal)

what does the urn represent?
relationship between art and humanity

She walks in beauty is love poem about who?
a woman, Mrs. Wilmont who was his cousin that he saw at a party

What was his cousin wearing at the party?
a ravishing black dress-he was struck by the dark hair and fair face

what did ozymandias mean?
it was another name for ramses II, the pharoh of moses, ect.

central theme of the poem ozymandias?
political power is fleeting and forgotten

what was inspiration for the poem ozymandias?
broken statue in the desert he saw

who was shelley in competition with when he wrote this poem?
horace smith (great novelist and poet)

what was shelley’s purpose in poetry?
to express and fulfill his hopes and dreams-he believed through imagination of the poet and the power of love, humanity could perceive and transcend evil of societyd

what is the purpose of the poem ode to the west wind
the praise the west wind (warmth, hope and inspiration)

when does he name the west wind?
at the beginning of the poem

what is his one request in the poem
to listen to him

how is the wind personified in the poem ode to the west wind?
it’s ability to breathe and drive a charoit

what does shelley do in the 5 sections of the poem?
1. changes wind makes on land2. relationship of wind and sky3. effect of wind on and under sea4. summary of first 3 things, compares himself to a leaf, cloud, and wave (represent youth)5.

asks wind to make him a lyre

theme of poem?
hope and despair (trusts in wind and begs for help)

what does the last line “if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”
suggests uncertainty

which collection of blake’s poems was the lamb from?
songs of innocence

which collection of blake’s poems was the tyger from?
songs of experience

what question does blake ask about the tyger?
how could the same God that made the lamb also make a tiger?

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