British Lit Unit 4

not a reason for the Commonwealth governments failure
a series of foreign policy disasters weakened the prestige of the government abroad

Commonwealth government failed because
it sank further into debt; Presbyterians and Independents found it difficult to compromise on matters of church and government; Richard Cromwell was an ineffective successor to his father

an untruth of the Westminster Confession
that it was formulated over the objections of many in Parliament

Westminster Confession
became the official creed of the Scottish Presbyterian church; temporarily replaced the Thirty-nine Articles of the English church; comprises a Longer and Shorter Catechism

Bacon’s essays best exemplify which two stylistic qualities
compression and balance

when Bacon advocates reading certain books rapidly and superficially, he describes the process of

In Bacon’s “Of Great Place” he states that you need to provide clear reasons if ever you change your opinion

Donne converted from
Catholicism to Anglicanism

characteristics of metaphysical verse
arrestingly abrupt openings; a dramatic, personal quality; striking figurative comparisons

not a characteristic of metaphysical verse
fairly smooth meters

the lines “Arise, arise/ From death, you numberless infinities/ Of souls” exemplify
apostrophe, caesura, and enjambment

which term best describes the speaker’s attitude in the final two lines of “A Hymn to God the Father”

in Donne’s second sermon what two things does God not bring together
anger and patience

Herbert is the greatest English writer of what kind of poetry

the religious viewpoint of The Temple is primarily

in the poem “Love” the poet apologizes for how he has used his

Jonson was the 1st English author to
publish his own complete works

Jonson’s poetry anticipates

“Song of Celia” does NOT imply
Celia’s kiss is preferable to her gaze

Rutherford’s Lex Rex did NOT advocate
political absolutism

The Saints Everlasting Rest
was written from the author’s personal experience with suffering

Specifically, Baxter states that God has given us the Spirit for what reason
to subdue the flesh

Milton did NOT
emphasize predestination and free will

the theme of Sonnet 18 “Avenge, O Lord, Thy slaughtered saints”
the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church

according to the Romantics, the hero of Paradise Lost is

the true hero of Paradise Lost

what is the 1st question Milton asks in Paradise Lost
Who caused man to fall?

In all of Satan’s arguments with Eve at the tree, he does NOT mention
that God just means to test your obedience to Him

which word best describes Pepys’s attitude toward the Puritans

At the conclusion of his account of Dr Bates’s sermon, Pepys expresses a fear of
bad preachers

In his summary of the events of 1666, Pepys lists problems but doesn’t list
widespread famine

the central metaphor of The Pilgrim’s Progress compares
life to a journey

characteristics of Bunyan’s style
plain language, didacticism, obscure allusions

In Pilgrim’s Progress, the narrator presents the story as something
that he dreamed

as Christian climbs MT Sinai
his burden does not grow strangely lighter – it becomes heavier

the wares of which country are the most prominent and popular in Vanity Fair

in which year did the restoration take place

what is religious latitudinarianism
a broadening of Christian identity that limits doctrinal essentials

Bacon states that when a person gains power over others, he paradoxically loses power over
his time and actions

which 20th century poet was largely responsible for rekindling interest in Donne
T. S.


which conceit is differentiated from the Petrarchan because of logical rather than literal or physical basis of comparison

the sequence of poems in The Temple starts at the outside porch of the temple and ultimately ends
at the Holy of Holies

How does the landlord grant his tenant’s request in “Redemption”
he dies

which theme did the Cavalier poets use hedonistically? the poem Virtue uses this theme in a Christian context
carpe deim

what official title did Jonson hold
Poet laureate

what is the topic of Milton’s great prose treatise in Areopagitica
freedom of the press

According to the introductory lines of Paradise Lost, what is the poem’s primary purpose
to “justify the ways of God to men”

According to Milton, why did God allow Satan to escape the burning lake
so that he can confirm his own damnation by repeatedly committing crimes and can witness the failure of these attempts to thwart Providence

what is the title of Bunyan’s spiritual autobiography
Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners

According to Good Will in Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, how will Christian be able to distinguish the right paths from the wrong ones
only the right paths are straight and narrow

in Vanity Fair what do the pilgrims wish to buy

the first English dictionaries did NOT appear during the
reign of Charles II

Bacon did NOT believe that
Aristotle was one of the best sources for scientific knowledge

teaches self-examination prior to the taking of Holy Communion
Holy Sonnet 7 – “At the round earth’s imagined corners”

Redemption by George Herbert, contains three many levels of meaning
False – I say this based on the teachers notes but there is no exact answer given – if I am wrong I will still give you credit for the answer

In “Aaron” the poet stress that inward preparation for service is more important than
outward preparation

Jonson’s imitators became known as
Cavalier poets

In Paradise Lost, Satan associates innocence with _____ in his speech to Eve at the tree

In Paradise Lost, Nature does what when Eve and again when Adam eat of the fruit
nature groans and trembles

Although some of Christian’s neighbors mocked his flight from home
his family cried for his return and two neighbor’s went after him to return

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