Bullying action (Wynne & Ryan 1997). This is

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Bullyingis any severe or repeated use by one or more students of a written, verbal orelectronic expression, or a physical act or gesture, or any combination,directed at another student that has the effect of actually causing or placingthe latter in reasonable fear of physical or emotional harm or damage to hisproperty (Republic act no. 10627) and this problem may appear in schools, inall grade levels even in a Christian school setting (Hazeltine, 2015). MT1 Inaddition, thereis a need to understand what triggers might be important for initiatingpatterns of behavior or responses in such specific circumstances (Maunder &Crafter 2017). MT2 Moreover,the Department of Education emphasize the strict implementation and adaption ofDepEd anti-bullying policy. MT3 Thus,this study argues that the responses to “physical and non-physical” (Karatzias,Power, & Swanson 2002) bullying cases in private school are observable andmight be either passive or aggressive (Olweus 1991, Perry, Kusel, and Perry1988) in nature.MT4             Bullyingseems to be a never ending problem (Rigby 2011).

It may happen anywhere, in theclassroom (Atlas & Pepler 1998), in school, at home, and even in cyberspaces(Whittaker & Kowalski, 2015). Anybody might be the victim of bullying.Males are more likely to be bullied than females (Maccoby & Jacklin, 1974),children with learning disabilities (Turunen, Poskiparta & Salmivalli 2017)and even a bully himself (Yang & Salmivalli 2013). Anybody might also be abully. It could either be male or female (Atlas & Debra 1998), a friend(Mieshna, Pepler & Weiner 2006) and sometimes the victim might become thebully (Turunen, Poskiparta & Salmivalli 2017).            Onthe other hand, Christian private schools are committed to develop personalcharacter and caring communities (Hazeltine, 2015). The goal is to improvestudent’s conduct as evidenced through words and action (Wynne & Ryan1997).

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This is done through counseling and narration of character value ladenstories (Vessel 1998) from the Bible (Algera & Sink 2002). So, parents sendtheir students to private ‘Christian’ school to avoid bullying but it is notexempt from such behavior (Smith 2016).            Inaddition, there are different responses to bullying from the victim’sperspective. Though, all researchers agreed that bullying has a severe negativeeffect to the victim and may affect his/her ’emotion, academic performance,future life’ (Eskisu 2014). The response of the victim still depends on his/herperception about bullying. Since, the definition of bullying varies accordingto the age of the victim (Swain 1998) and social context (Tucker & Mauder2015).

But, responses to bullying can be classified under two category it couldeither passive or aggressive response (Olweus 1991, Perry, Kusel, and Perry1988).             Although,mostly are aware about the issues of bullying and its negative impact to thelife of the victim (Eskish 2014, Mieshna, Pepler & Weiner 2006) the problemstill exist and affecting the lives of some students. Since, teachers and schoolpersonnel are less equipped with trainings on how to intervene and help on suchsituations (Rigby 2011). And, students together with their parents are notaware how to respond properly to such kind of behavior (Mieshna, Pepler &Weiner 2006).

            Thestudy of bullying has covered different topics and aspects in the society. Ittalked about the cause, negative impact to life (Eskisu 2014), interventions (Rigby2014), places and situation when and where it may take place (Roland 1998, Rapp-Paglicci,Dulmus, Sowers & Theriot 2008) in order to address the problem of bullying.However,the study of bullying in Christian schools is less explored (Hazeltine 2015)and the possible responses of the victims are less emphasized.MT5             Studyingbullying in public and private non-sectarian schools is equally important in conductinga study in private Christian school. It is a significant area to gather dataabout bullying cases. As a result, this study intends to identify the passive andaggressive responses of the victims to bullying cases in Christian school. Thiswill lead to deeper understanding about the behavior of the victims andunderstanding on how to intervene and help in bullying situations.

MT6 Thus,this study.

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