Bullying that you see them as. If you

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Last updated: August 15, 2019

Bullying is a big problem. A big problem that is tearing the world apart.

Sometimes, do you ever wonder if this will ever stop? If this isn’t put to an end, our population will drop, do you ever wonder what will happen if this does come true? The president. Is he working to stop these problems that have such big consequences? Global Hunger. They say they are working on it. But the amount of the hungry has increased. We cannot rely on the more powerful or wealthy.

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Sometimes we are on our own. If more people take action to stop bullying, imagine the results. There are too many victims in this world. Their hard-earned happiness, crushed by a single word you can say. What did these poor kids ever do to deserve this kind of misery? Imagine not being able to live a normal life. No feeling of security, no friends over, not one single feel of happiness. These pupils suffer, everyday and every night. Dreading the next day, where they will be tormented again.

As a bully, you choose the weakest, maybe the weakest who thought they were gaining strength, shrinks back down to the weakling that you see them as. If you are a victim, most of the time you do not think about your dreams. Your dreams of being a sports star, a famous singer, all you think about is how to survive. In our generation, what you think about is not your grades, but what to wear, who to be friends with, and social media.

We do not focus on the important education that we have the chance to experience.We should all get the chance to make our school years enjoyable. But being a victim, it’s hard to be happy, hard to smile, laugh. So these bullies, what could possibly make them think it’s okay to laugh at someone, call them names, hurt them harshly, and just bully them. Because it’s not okay. You get one life, one chance, but just one person could end it all. Your dreams.

Your future. Your family. Gone. All of these problems. Without a solution.

Yet. You could change someone’s life. Stand up for them, compliment them, but just be nice.

Imagine what could happen if our society changed. They realized the big hole they are creating in our world. Then our lives would be different. The victims won’t have to suffer, to deal with this excruciating pain or hatred. Together we stand strong. But if one breaks away, we fall apart.

Life is not a game. we only get one. One chance to achieve our dreams, one chance to be ourselves. But sometimes you can’t. Not when someone is tormenting you everyday, making you feel worthless. Just remember no one can make you change. Even through all of the hatred that is being expressed towards you, not when everyone turns against you, find hope. But in all the darkness, there’s a spark of light.

Some people decide to speak up. Some people aren’t going to hide. And with these people, we have hope.

To end bullying is not a job for a person alone. It is a job for a team. If we want to fix all of the problems in the world, we have to work together, stand strong together. You hear about a ton of bad things that happen in the world, but do you ever think about stopping it? Do you ever think about helping the situation? Do you ever think about taking action? I hope so.

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