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TheFinancial Stability Board (FSB, 2012) defines shadow banking asa system of credit intermediation (Creditintermediation is a lending activity where the saver does not lend directly tothe borrower) that involves entities and activitiesoutside the regular banking system in other wordsshadow banking system refers to unregulated activities by regulatedinstitutions.According to European Commissionshadow banking activities consist in: i. Maturity transformation: refersto using short-term liabilities to fund long-term assets. ii. liquidity transformation: referstothe fact that a

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Introduction:Thisreport is an evaluation of an assessment done on the management of poor controlof type 2 diabetes, by a trainee pharmacist independent prescriber in a GPsurgery. During consultation, a history taking process involving patient’spresenting complaint, medical and drug history, blood test results and diabeticfoot test were examined to reach a known diagnosis (type 2 diabetes). The signsand symptoms of type 2 diabetes, exhibited by the patient are then criticallyanalysed and

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 RequirementsFor successful implementation of Internet of Things (IoT), the basics are (a) Dynamic resource demand (b) Realtime needs (c) Exponential increase of demand (d) accessibility of applications(e) Data guard and user privacy (f) Efficient power consumptions ofapplications (g) Execution of the applications near to end users (h) Access toan open and inter operable cloud system. According to another author, there arethree components, which required for seamless Internet of Things (IoT)computing

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The ability of a system to comprehend the possibilities that its existence preserves and to implement the elucidations of these possibilities is intriguing. I still remember the days when the character like “commander Data” in star trek has only been in science-fiction allowing children to dream about future and technology. Just over the period of 15 years what I dreamt of as fantasy has become an achievable goal.

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Funding Osteoporotic Re-fracture Prevention – Allied Health Topic To obtain resources from Leading Better Value Care funding to support employment of a Physiotherapist & Occupational Therapist under the clinical initiative – Osteoporotic Re-fracture Prevention. Analysis The service provided by a 0.5 FTE Physiotherapist & 0.5 FTE Occupational Therapist ($96K) will provide individuals predisposed to minimal trauma fractures (MTF)      Identification of people presenting with MTF Provide health education to

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There are more than 3. 2 million adults who are currently living in the United States of America. About 40% of these adults in the country will have to go to the nursing homes at some point in life. With the growth of the number or aging population, there is an expected increase in the number of nursing home individuals. Some of these elders are cared in the nursing homes

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DroughtMitigation LitrarureReviewIntroduction:Whatis drought annd clmate change and its interconnectionits imapct Worldwide scienario with exampleMitigationmeasures used in world scanariobestpracticesDroughtis considered by many to be the most complex but least understood ofall natural hazards,affectingmore people than any other hazard (G. Hagman 1984). However, thereremains muchconfusionwithin the scientific and policy communities about itscharacteristics. It is precisely thisconfusionthat explains, to some extent, the lack of progress in droughtpreparedness in most parts oftheworld. Drought is

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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSAll business activities that crosses the national boarders are the part of International Business. Though a number of definitions can be found on international business in the business literature such as; ………But no simple or universally accepted definition exists for the term international business. On one end, International Business is defined as organizations which buys and/or sells goods and services across two or more national boundaries, even if management

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In spite of the fact that Islamic banking money has gained noteworthy ground in Bangladesh amid the most recent three decade, there is the deficiency of value considers/papers tending to key issues of Islamic managing an account in Bangladesh. Most by far of the examination finished concerning Islamic saving money in Bangladesh have so far concentrated on the execution of banks and legitimate issues construct either with respect to few

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The purpose of the report is to capture the project’s lessonslearned for use by other similar future projects to determine the problems thatoccurred and how those problems were handled and may be avoided in the future. Thisreport will give information about the overview of the Space Shuttle ChallengerDisaster with supporting graphics and explanation. In addition, this document detailsthe lessons learnt from the project failures, evaluation andrecommendation of the project’s failure

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