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Technology changes frequently which would make it difficult for businesses to keep up with the newest technology. Although it may be difficult, businesses take full advantage of effectively using technology to communicate between their employees and their consumers. In today’s world of technology, businesses use email, social media sites and web sites to communicate. One of the most popular forms of technology that businesses use on a dally bases to

Assistant Manager Assistant Manager

The methods me and the other employees use were phones which we use to contact our colleagues and customers also to other employees at different branches for help about what to do with a customer , all the employees except employees working at the cashier used fax for external they used it to send documents to another branch, used the post for external she used it to send letters to

Copyright legislation

The above table also helps the audience to understand which product has generated the more money. Tables are the best way of presenting information in columns, rows making sure that all the product detail is grouped neatly. Adherence to legislation: In simple terms this can be described as following the law. There are many laws, which passed by UK government, which businesses have to follow when preparing and presenting the result of

Human Relations and Development

Human Relations and Development Name: Course: Lecturer: Institution: Date: Human Relations and Development Speaking loudly or shouting to a deaf, blind or a person speaking a different language is wrong. This portrays different pictures to the disabled person or the people watching. In many communities, shouting to a person implies that one is either commanding the person or abusing him or her. Additionally, shouting to a disabled person does not

Organizational Communications

Organizational Communications Name: Course: Institution: Lecturer: Date: Organizational Communications Talking is the use of language or words coming from one’s mouth. The words inform others about what an individual is thinking. Talking is a form of expressing opinions, ideas and thoughts of a person. The elements of good talking are the quality of voice, style and choice of words. These elements are the ones that determine how effective a person

Organizational Communications

Organizational Communications Name: Course: Institution: Lecturer: Date: Organizational Communications Face-to-face presentation means communication between two people who are physically present. For instance, when a sales person approaches a client, they might require seeing a demonstration. Face-to-face presentation will happen when the sales person is physically present. Virtual presentation is the use of electronics as a medium of communication. For example, a head office can communicate with other branches through virtual

Virtual Replacement Branch Dear Customers, Take our sensible desires.

            Virtual University of Pakistan MC170402747Fall 2017Assignment No: – #3 Subject: –                                        Business Communication (ENG 301)  Q1.As the Sales Director of Sapphire & Co, write a circular letter to introduce yournew Allama Iqbal Town branch to your customers.                                                         Solution:-Dated: Januarythirty, 2018                                                                                                         Circular                                          Gap a ReplacementBranch     Dear Customers, Take our sensible desires. we have a tendency toinvariably attempt our greatest to achieve our product to your destination.

Using it for various purposes. This research attempted

Using Wikis to Increase Writing Skills in WritingClasses Sezgin BALLIDAGYildizTechnical [email protected]  Abstract It’san undeniable fact that the majority of the teenagers today are keen ontechnology, and they tend to use it for various purposes. This research attemptedto see how using a wiki page in a writing lesson could affect students’success. The research lasted for two months. Each week, students handed in anassignment, either as a hard copy or online. Two different instruments wereused

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