Decision Making

‘Young Muslims in Britain today have many problems in following their religion’

‘Young Muslims in Britain today have many problems in following their religion.’ Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view.I think that young Muslims in Britain today experience many problems following their religion. The main reason for these difficulties is education. Education is important to every teenager and so it is to Muslims, especially Islamic education. There are

Teacher for a Day

I have recently won the school contest for being the most gorgeous girl In the school. The prize was to be teacher-for-a-day. So many Ideas ran through my head. I could do anything I want and ever Imagined to do! It Is so hard to choose what I wanted to do. School Is only eight hours out of the day, how could I ever get all I wanted In that

The definition of the word Hajj

The definition of the word Hajj is ‘to set out with definite purpose’ meaning the definite purpose to be fulfilling the pilgrimage to Mecca. Hajj takes place each year in the 12th month of the Islamic lunar – calendar on the 8th – 13th days of Dhul-Hijjah. Each year over millions people gather in the holy city of Makkah for Hajj each year and it is a duty that must

Workplace Environment

We loud like to express our gratitude to our Psychology teacher Ms. Assam Nazi who gave us this opportunity to fulfill this report. Executive Summary The company that our group has chosen is Al- Fall Bank ( khan branch). AY -Fall bank is one of the largest organized bank in Pakistan. We visited the bank several time to know workplace environment. Assessing the workplace environment is very useful when predicting

Water Pollution

If a team member acts in a dysfunctional manner, however, the team member may be removed from the group. If a team member is not cooperating with the group by failing to return texts, emails, phone calls, or by not attending meetings, the unresponsive member may be fired if six attempts to contact the member over a reasonable amount of time can be documented in a log. The cooperating members

Work Place Observation and Culture

Workplace Observation a look at Organizational Culture Every organization, whether being a construction agency, a retail store, a manufacturing plant or a government agency has its own unique culture. Organizational culture is the collection of shared values, beliefs, rituals, stories and myths that foster a feeling of community among organizational members. The culture of an organization is in most cases, the reflection if the deeply held values and behaviors of

Large Electrical Department

Within the department there are a number of different ways that an appliance can be ordered. This is because some are stock lines at John Lewis and can be despatched within a number of days. Occasionally these may be out of stock but the company will expect an imminent delivery however a delivery date can not be disclosed at the ordering stage. The final way that an appliance can be

Creating trust with the customer

Language An extensive vocabulary and well structured letter provides a knowledgeable response creating trust with the customer. Politeness The customer is always right and a letter must not be rude in any way, as it must not offend the customer. Never make it look like the customer has made the mistake. Understanding The reply must show that the writer has taken time to read the customers letter and understands the situation and

Sequence of three drama lessons based on the Titanic

Describe a sequence of three drama lessons that you could teach during the next phase of ESE. Discuss these with reference to the process and educational benefits of your proposed Drama learning experience. For this assignment I have developed a sequence of three lessons that I will carry out with my year 5 class during my next school placement. Whilst developing my ideas, I looked carefully into themes that could capture

Rlevant information

Comparing all our documents we had all the relevant information but some of us had quite different from one another and it was pretty hard to chose whose document was the Best . Because we thought that everyone’s document were equally good, only the layouts and design made us think different as to whose documents meets to a high standard application form. As I personally think that choosing the application

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