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E-commerce Industry  in today’s scenario has become one of the important area for the government to look upon, as India’s e-commerce market has reached USD 20 billion as per the report of Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and up to 34% of the population is accessible to the internet(1). Due to its vast impact and utilization the e-commerce industry had a large impact on various industries in the

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hee-commerce platform is a substantial marketplace with a group of persons suchas merchants, customers, banks, and other commercial societies. Hence, thee-commerce system is a very vibrant and voluminous one. One of such system isCredit card payment in online.        Useof credit cards for online purchases has significantly increased and it causedan explosion in the credit card fraud. Credit card fraud includes dishonest useof card or account information without the knowledge of the

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 ANALISAPENGUKURAN KEPUASAN PELANGGANPRODUK TASCARRIER EIGER     Nama Anggota:1.       FadhlulWafi Aria                      (14211047)2.      AgungKurniawan                     (142113.      Galur G.Taufiqi                         (14211079)4.       WildanAchmad                         (15211009)5.      Hermawan TriSetianto              (15211022)6.      Lesta AdeyunitaPurnomo         (15211088)          7.      PENDAHULUAN7.1.Latar Belakang Masalah7.2.Manfaat dan TujuanManfaatUntuk menambah wawasan dan pengetahuandalam penelitian dalam masyarakat lebih memilih produk tas carrier eiger dandapat mengetahui gambaran yang sesungguhnya antara teori yang didapat denganfakta lapangan yang telah dilakukan. Penulis juga ingin mengetahui tingkatkepuasan masyarakat Indonesia atas produk tas carrier

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Introduction to Electronic CommerceElectronic commerce or also known as e-commerce or internet commerce is the process of transacting or facilitating business on the internet.1  Intermediaries are key players in e-commerce but they have little to worry about responsibility for the activities of users of their services and shoulder some burden for the infringement of rights.2   There are three types of issues encountered with online intermediaries:3-       Identifying the legal ground on which they

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E-Commerce stands for electronic commerce. E-commerce permits entrepreneurs, firms, businesses to conduct electronic transactions over a secured channel and wherever buying and selling of merchandise, information and services takes place over an system usually the net. Mobile technologies talk to the digital tools like mobile phones, GPS, different hand-held devices, tablets etc. used for cellular communication. convenience and inflated use of goodphones along side the higher web property has created mobile technologies preferred to devices like computers and laptops successively having a good impact on e commerce too.  there’s a colossal surge within the volume of e-commerce with the expansion and integration of mobile technologies into the domain of e commerce. M-commerce is

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Valentine’s Daywhich falls on February 14th each year is an auspicious event where peoplemutually exchange candy, dry fruits, flowers and greeting cards. Valentine’sDay is observed to honor an eminent saint named St. Valentine. It is estimatedthat about one hundred and fifty million Valentine’s Day cards are exchangedeach year and it has currently emerged as one of the second most popular eventsobserved right after Christmas.History of Valentine’s DayAccording to thelegends, Claudius

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The Genesis of IT legislation in India: Mid 90’s saw an impetus in globalization and computerisation,with more and more nations computerizing their governance, and e-commerce seeing an enormousgrowth. Until then, most of international trade and transactions were done through documents beingtransmitted through post and by telex only. Evidences and records, until then, were predominantlypaper evidences and paper records or other forms of hard-copies only. With much of international tradebeing done

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Shah Khusro et al. (2016) and Chris Anderson name this problem as quite challenging for collaborative filtering. It appears when one user had totally different preferences than others and so cannot be put in any of clustered groups (Khusro, Ali , & Ullah , 2016), (Anderson , 2011). A. Kanimozhi et al. (2014) implemented this problem for e-learning saying that the easiest way to avoid it is to make students

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Abstract: Cybercrime, or computer oriented crime, is a crime where a computer and a networkare inextricably involved. The computer may be the target and have been used inthe commission of a crime.  Aperson or a nation’s security and financial health may be threatened by cybercrime. Surrounding hacking, copyright infringement, unwarrantedmass-surveillance, sextortion, child pornography, and child grooming are themajor issues.  Whenconfidential information is intercepted or disclosed, lawfully or otherwise thereare also problems

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