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Corporategovernance sourceThecorporate governance source comes from the “Corporate Governance Code” (Codicedi Autodisciplina), published by the Corporate Governance Committee. TheCommittee has been established due to the initiative of Borsa Italiana SPA, andit is composed by the President of Borsa Italiana SPA itself, investors andsome representatives of banks and companies. The purpose of the Code is to makea comparison between Italy and the most powerful financial countries, trying toharmonize their differences. Unfortunately,

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The purpose of corporate governance is to act as a system that controls and directs companies, to deliver long-term success (ICAEW)1. The majority, if not, all of these companies have a board of director that holds the responsibility for corporate governance. A crucial element is to ensure that the interest of shareholders is protected where they are unaligned with the interest of the directors running the company. The concept of

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The Neo-Classical Theory of the FirmMaximisation of profits is when marginal revenue in a firmis equal to marginal costs. The neo-classical theory of the firm is a conceptthat suggests that the only goal of a firm is to maximise profits and that allother goals are secondary and likely to be achieved through profitmaximisation. This theory assumes that the manager of the business is also itsowner and that factors of production

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The agent isthe representative of the takaful operator (insurance company) in relation tothe principal, who is appointed according to the prevailing laws. The main bondof the agent is its relationship with the takaful operator, not with the takaful participant. A takaful agent represents the takaful operatorand its primary duty is to promote the Takaful plan or product issued by the takafuloperator it represents.  Brokers generally do not have contractual agreements

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Risk management can be defined as asystematic approach to managing risks that threaten the assets and income of abusiness or entrepreneurship. There are five types of risks in business have beenidentified that are relevant to takafulas follows:1.    Underwriting risk2.     Operational risks3.    Credit risk4.    Liquidity risk5.     Market risk Underwriting risk andoperational risk are directly related to the operations of the takaful company.The remaining three risks are associated with the company’s investmentactivities. All types of risk

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Many individuals know about the legitimate issues of racial reconciliation in sports like Jackie Robinson with the Dodgers and numerous others. For example, there was a man by the name of Perry Wallace who experienced childhood in Nashville, Tennessee and went to Pearl Senior High School. After high school he furthered his education and athletic career at Vanderbilt University. Perry would be the first African American to play in the

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In May 2017,  expected to place assets into Singapore in order to further partnership and collaboration. This venture has been made in light of the way that HPE needs to overhaul its relationship with Singapore. HPE additionally has associated with InnovateNext Program. It is an incubator that will coordinated effort with nearby organizations and the main member in this program was GridComm. These two investments cost HPE for US?140

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Mardini, Tahat and Power (2013)in their article titled “Determinants of segmental disclosures: evidence fromthe emerging capital market of Jordan” aimed to determine the factors thatinfluenced the segment disclosures of Jordanian companies. To examined companyattributes and their influence on segment disclosure,three disclosure indices were developed based on mandatory, voluntary and totalsegment disclosure. The results of the study indicate that firm size and an audit firm are significantly associated withmandatory segment disclosure

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The primary objective of this researchis to examine the relationship between board characteristics and the financial performance of listedcompanies in Sri Lanka. Although, board characteristics is a broad concept and can be defined with a varied extent,this research has identified nine components of board characteristicsand has examined their impact on the financial performance of listed companiesin Sri Lanka. 1.1        Significance ofResearch Corporategovernance is one of the world’s most important concepts. The extent of

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In Pakistan, CompaniesOrdinance 1984 provide guideline regarding business of companies but in thisordinance we cannot found any specific and detail work about definition ofpromoter. Pakistan’s company law is silent about this and there is jurisprudenceto clarify the definition and role of promoter in the formation of the company.According to Section 30 of Companies Ordinance 1984, if a person (promoter)want to register a company he (promoter) must prepare and file certaindocuments

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