International Marketing

Latin America

i. Formation of New NationsAfter gaining independence, the independence leaders developed theoretic republics, which were characterised by their individual wants that were under false perception that the wants conformed to the wants of the people. Who should govern and how to govern were important questions that faced the newly independent Latin Americans. For the Iberian kings, their monarchies had a predefined hereditary system for who to govern, and ruled in


As technology is always on a growing fast track, it is hard for employers and employees to stray away from the dependency of cell phones. Industry week reported from their studies that since employers are requiring employees to have a separate mobile device for work, it is hard to keep personal and professional life from overlapping with each other . Since conference, for example, are on the rise for companies

The Super Size Me Effect

The “Super Size Me” Effect: Did Morgan Splotch’s Documentary Really Change Anything? I think that Super Size Me documentary hadn’t made a big impact on the fast food industry since there still burgers and foods that have at least 500 calories in them. It is nice to see that the fast food chain has started to add some fruits and Juice or low- fat milk, but they also have a

The Roaring

World War I gave birth to a rebellious mentality among American citizens who wanted to live their lives to the fullest. Flappers were a breed of new women in the sass that defied convention and attempted to redefine the female role. Women began to smoke cigars, test with sexual rules and disregard traditional Victorian etiquette. Prior to this era, females were governed by ruled regulations and robbed of their social,

Child pornography

One of the most controversial topics in the United States today is the pornography industry, a multiple billion dollar industry. The porn industry is even bigger than professional basketball, football and baseball put together. Americans spend more on pornography “in a year then they do on movie tickets, more than the do on all the performing arts combined” (Rich, 2011). The controversial porn debate is nothing new to the US,

The Causes and Effects of Air Pollution in China

Air pollution is a type of pollution that particulates made by human being activities or natural causes were brought into the Earth’s atmosphere. When it achieves to sufficient concentration and adequate time, it begins to endanger people’s comfort, health, welfare, even damage to the environment that we live. Atmosphere is a mixture. It’s a mixture of Nitrogen (78. 08%), Oxygen (20. 94%), Rare gases (0. 93%), Carbon dioxide (0. 3%)


Enterprise or sometimes called the Small Business is important because it is a kind of business that employs small number of workers and does not have a high volume of sales. These enterprises are generally privately owned and operated sole proprietorships, corporations or partnerships. Another importance is that a certain owner having small-scale enterprise can gain independence in their business. They also get the rewards for themselves, these are the

Taiji Dolphin Hunt

Imagine you are gliding through the still blue ocean, surrounded by your family and friends. Suddenly, a loud booming sound breaks through the peaceful underworld. Before you know It, you have been herded Into a bay and sealed off from the free world. You watch and Walt as others are picked and plucked from the water; they are the “lucky’ ones. Next thing you know, a metal rod has pierced

Syria essay

A Snapshot of Syria Syria Is located In Southeast Asia. It borders Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, and Lebanon. Damascus Is the capital. Damascus Is one of the oldest Inhabited communities In the Middle East. It was established in the third period B. C. And was the center of handcraft goods. Syria occupies about 185,180 square kilometers (71 ,498 square miles). It’s industry includes petroleum, textiles, food processing, and farming. Syrians


SOOT analysis means analysis of strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. According to me SOOT analysis of ALL Is as follows Strength: Strength of ALL are as follows Qualified and well trained staff Biggest sale network Best production plant Financial strong Biggest market share People trusted products High quality products ISO certified Resale value Customer Care Customized part Brand Image Availability of parts Best delivery process 1. Qualified and well trained

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