1. Coca-Cola Company has established 42 canned beverage

 1.    Introduction:With the development of cloud computing and the arrival of Big Data age,social media which is a popular new area has become an important form of newmedia marketing. Social media can not only achieve more accurate delivery, butalso can reduce marketing costs and achieve creative marketing. Social media isthe most successful precision marketing tools in China and many brands can drawa lot of conclusions by analyzing social media users.

Understanding amount to be spent in acquiring customers.

Understanding customer behaviour and improving customerexperience is critical in  competitivemarket place. Today’s customer expects personalized experiences with retailersand brands. To meet such expectations and to improve the business growth, companiesseek various customer analytics techniques and apply insights from customersacross the globe. The dataset we have chosen for analysis consists of data of acompany called dunnhumby. Dunhumby enables Retailers and brands to tap into themost advanced customer analytics technique to provide

My be time in the future where something

My personal experience with the stock market game was alright but there were  some company that went down and it would trade for less. I know that went you make a trade, it would increase the value of the money that you make. I ended making some money with the trade that I have been doing because the trade has a large value that increases when you trade. My biggest

Result are conscious on environment. Even though the

ResultTheabove table shows the respondents general beliefs on environment.  It shows that respondents strongly agreed toall the statements and are conscious on environment.  Even though the respondents strongly agreedthat the environment need to be saved they did not agreed that human were notmeant to rule the nature.  Out of 15propositions all are above 3 which means all the respondents generally beliefsin nature and are having an positive opinion towards the

Introduction to raise awareness and impress the customers

Introduction Product promotion in marketing refersto the communication type used to target specific consumers. Different methodsin marketing are used to show products to the customers in order to raiseawareness attract more customers increase sales introducing the customers tonew products. New companies enter the market by promoting for their products tobe in front of the consumers rather than direct selling in the market. Manypeople and specialized marketers fail to understand and

Develop to the stockholders while still maintaining quality

Develop innovatingand good quality milk powder that meets the strong demands and expectations ofcurrent and future customers. CBS International hasan excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction and never hadcompromised on the quality and the services that are been provided.CBS Internationalsells dairy products of the highest quality to provide to its customers with asafe and healthy food choicesImprove the productivity and profitability of CBSINTERNATIONAL products through actions of supply.Supervision

As with less interest regarding their potential of

As mentioned in the previous sections, studies about promotions mostly focus on the influence of price promotions on generating short-term sales revenue and/or as a means to viral new products/services; while non-price promotions have been investigated with less interest regarding their potential of generating preference for the brand.  The consumer-based approach was employed to assess how sales promotions cognitively or emotionally impact on consumer attitude that may then impact the

Business Benefits of using business cards Using these

Business cards are considered a suitable wayto shut off your casual or professional meeting. They are unusual powerful marketingtools that can make a memorable impact on your customers. Providing your teamwith quality businesscards assure potential and repaying customers have your informationwhen they need it. The question “Doyou have a card?With an answer “I don’t haveone” is the worse one, and before you’ll all out, you need to getyour own business

INDIAN brands Council of India. The LPG marketing

INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED    Indian Oil is a leading oil and gas company headquartered inNew Delhi. IOCL was established in 1964 and owns the name in the largestenterprises in the country with a net profit of 19,106 crore (INR)( USD 2,848million) in the year 2016-17. Mr. Sanjiv Singh is the chairman of this companywith a 1st position in the Fortune India list for 2016 and grabbing168th position in Fortune’s

‘The New Deal’, Franklin Delano Roosevelt

In 1933 Franklin Delano Roosevelt set about sorting out America’s problems with his theory ‘The New Deal’. Firstly he decided on a period of ‘Relief’ where he went to sort out the problems of the Wall Street crash. This period lasted from 1933-1935. The next period was the period of ‘Reform’ where he set about making it impossible for something like the Wall Street crash happening again. This period lasted

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