Peachtree Healthcare

Peachtree Healthcare has been faced with a dilemma. There has been a major IT infrastructure problem within the company for some time now. Since technology has taken over in the healthcare field, it is imperative that Peachtree Healthcare get the technology needed so that they can be trusted and well known within the healthcare industry. Mission The mission of Peachtree Healthcare is to ensure quality, consistency, and continuity of care

Self-Awareness Paper

Life has really changed for me since I joined nursing school I have found myself in compromising situations but I have been able to adapt. Everyday is a busy day as there are practical activities moving from one place to another. The instructors keep us on toes and we have to devote our time in studies. I spend numerous nights reading or writing treatment plans. Most of my time is

Healthcare Ethics

1. Explain how the Patient Bill of Rights applies to this situation. The Patient’s Bill of Rights applies to the situation because a individual has the right to make sound decisions own their own if competent. A patients bill of rights statement is a statement of the rights to which patients are entitled as recipients of medical care. Typically, a statement articulates the positive rights which doctors and hospitals ought

Segmenting by brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is when a company gets consumers to remain loyal to its products and/or services. It is when a company creates a competitive advantage over other businesses in its industry. Brand loyalty is when a company can utilize its brand name (such as Guinness and Nike) to retain a large customer base and make a profit. However, a great deal of customer satisfaction must exist.Guinness Brewing Company (2007) has

Promptness of care

Overview In reviewing the Nurse-Sensitive Quality Indicator Dashboard, the plan is to target patient satisfaction indicators and develop a nursing action plan based on best practices. The purpose of this paper is to analyze promptness of nurses in caring for their patients and discuss how best practices could be implemented to improve patient satisfaction. Analysis of the Data The area of performance selected for analysis was patient satisfaction in the

Swot Analysis

Abstract This paper focuses on the implementation of the Computerized Physician Order Entry System, CPOE at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. It provides complete analysis of the project, targeting its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This assessment will provide a better insight of whether continual application of CPOE is beneficial for the institution or should be restrained. CPOE implementation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital: The SWOT Analysis.Brigham and

Coder Interview

The nursing department of every healthcare organization plays an important role for the success of a hospital, because they cover 50 percent or more of the hospital’s labor budget. Therefore, it is important that the manager of the nursing department pays attention to the productivity of the job of every nurse and make sure that their work is running efficiently. A way to analyze the productivity of the nursing department

Business Etiquette in Turkey

Anybody who is planning to go to Turkey to do business should be aware of several cultural practices which influence business etiquette in the country. Turkish businessmen are known to firmly adhere to such practices and judge foreigners accordingly. The first thing that a businessperson should do is build a strong personal relationship with the local businessmen. The American investor should not be in such a hurry. He/she should first

Patient Privacy

The law protecting patients’ rights and privacy known as Health Insurance Probability and Accountability (HIPPA) was enacted and signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996. HIPPA is created to help protect patients’ medical records and personal health records nationwide in addition to keeping all medical information confidential. Documents are filed and stored, but with technology evolving documents are stored in data files creating a system for physicians to

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