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An IoT Based Smart Weather Monitoring System  Maulik A. Patel Department of Computer Engineering Gujarat Power Engineering and Research Institute Mehsana, Gujarat, India [email protected]        Abstract – The system proposed in this paper presents the real-time weather monitoring by considering various parameters of an environment and accordingly it predict and alert people about various environment condition. The technology behind this system is the Internet of Thing (IoT). We have used

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INTRODUCTIONTechnologicalimprovements in the field of science and health care have given rise to theapplication of computer aided systems and applications in handling medical andhealth issues. Medical practitioners which include doctors, laboratory specialistsand assistants, nurses are faced with hundreds of situations where they have tomake a decision about the health condition of their patients based on thepatient’s symptoms and signs.With the increasingneed for efficient health care and the need for timely

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I gained the proclivity for coding as a high school student, through the NIIT IT Wizard program. It enabled me to understand how digital technologies govern our everyday activities. Gradually, this interest led me to choose computer science as the undergraduate major. My desire to apply theory to practice led me to explore several avenues. Attending the IISC’s competitive summer school helped receive immersive learning of advanced concepts in computer

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Some people in America don’t take part in politics, mainly because they are not able to, they didn’t care to do so, or they were never informed (Brady et al. 1995, 271). Each of these aspects takes into consideration the limitations people have for not participating in political activities. For unavailability, there are resources needed to take part in political activities: civic skills, time, and money. These resources, developed in

Infrastructure Green Field projects and other bottle neck projects

Infrastructure Financing and FundingAbstract  India is the expeditiously advancing economy in the world as per Central Statistics Organisation (CSO) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Annual GDP growth rate of India has been recorded as 7.1% in 2016. The acceleration in the improvement of India’s Economy can be regarded as a result of strong government reforms. As we know Investment in Infrastructure drives GDP growth and creates economic value. This is only possible

Anything can be easy with the help of technology

Anything can be easy with the help of technology just like computers, tablets and mobile phones to store data and communicate with others, self-driving cars that will help people to avoid accidents, robotic arms, that are mostly used in industrial and medical field, and of course, the internet. We recognize these things as tools that can ease our lives. During my childhood, I usually played outside. I spent playing outside

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IntroductionA famous reputed school is facing a problem with decreasingstudents’ performance which has a huge impact on the reputation of the schoolin an unfavorable way. A continuous improvement plan should be implemented inorder to identify the root causes of this problem, find out solutions toreverse the situation and to always maintain a gradual improvement in ongoingteaching and learning process.Locatingthe cause of the problem The main problems of the school are

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In Western society, it is a socialnorm to extend the dichotomy of biological sex and morphology to culturallyconstructed gender roles. Males are expected to present a masculine persona ofstrength and competitiveness where females are to present the feminine personaof weakness and passiveness. Gender stereotypes provide the ability todistinguish male from female, which is fundamental for any social interaction(Sully, 2012). These stereotypes suggest that gender is something one is asopposed to

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Legaland ethical authority of parents over children’s medical care is a key part oftheir parental role to enhance children’s health. Many literatures showed that,decision making in childhood cancer is a critical issue to parents as theyrequired to face a strange situation and to make a decision that will affecttheir child health and life span. According to Stewart, Pyke-Gerimm, &Kelly 2012, it is a nature extension of the parental role to

Technology (Building Information Modelling) is one of the recent

Technology is changing every day and it is changing everything around us. The way buildings used to be built is transforming by new technologies. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is one of the recent technologies in the construction field which enables Architecture, Engineering, and Construction professionals to plan and design advanced and complex buildings more efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, it gives them the ability to manage and control the performance of

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