but get penalised if you have some sort

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Last updated: September 14, 2019

but do explain what it means by critically assess critically reflect ect ect.

.. answer 2 out of 3 questions in 2 hours which means you have one hour to answer each question.

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right, fair in the sense that you have 3 questions as we have already said one on the nature of industrial relations, ??? 1 and 2  predominantly, second question on the theories of industrial relations comparing and contrasting ???, so when I’m saying theories of comparing and contrasting im talking about theories convergence, divergence, (table knock) and (table knock). And then third questions on future (trading??), if you look at the past papers, the past papers have question 1 question 2 question 3 question 4, the reason why I have changed it is because people used to write about convergence and divergence in answering question 2 and choose to answer question 3 and write about convergence and divergence… so they essentially wrote their answer twice, That is why it has changed.We have nature of industrial relations convergence divergence compare and contrast,(??? You clicked your laptop mouse key while he was speaking too quietly???) I can not be anymore explicit. Yes?Student : Would you get penalised if you have some sort of overlaps within our answers so for instance ?? in previous exams some students wrote the same shit for 2 questions about convergence and divergence ect ect (she didn’t say this but more or less it means this)What I would say that is you need to make sure to answer the question in front of you, as long as you are answering the question fully and not just writing all the material you know about the topic you shouldn’t have a problem, so you know, the questions are designed so that you could answer them with different information so it is important to make sure that you give a full concise answer for the question infront of you, if you are writing your answer on the second question about different countries and different management styles then it would be appropriate if you were talking about the uk and it would be appropriate to say that management styles have changed from (????jargon) estates to industry (???jargon). you don’t really need to go into that in any much more detail in the first question if you’re talking about the nature of industrial relations and how the employment relations is managed to be ??? you need to have much more of a depth understanding of those aspects, do you see the difference? Does that answer your question?So there are past papers on campus for you, there are past papers on the uni system for you, there are older past papers on the uni systems, please don’t use any past papers before 2014 because they look completely different and may scare you because there are all sorts of questions on there??? I know that on Monday Harvey went through some generic exam questions ???and things for you.

?? my own emphasis on that, please think about, I cannot emphasis this enough particularly to mark your class tests, really think about the question that is presented in front of you, otherwise you will make a silly mistake, only utilise the information that is relevant, analyse what the question asks you to do, what are your key terms you need to include in your answer.

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