by He was famous and known at a

                   by Chinua Achebe



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read the book Things Fall Apart. Things fall apart is a fictional book about a
man named Okonkwo. It is written by a Nigerian author known as Chinua Achebe. I
like this book because it talks about how it was in the colonial days.


                    Setting and Time.

time that the book uses is not mentioned but my guess is that it was written in
the 1950’s. The setting of the book is Umuofia and Mbanta village in Nigeria. Umuofia
was a great village that had their own tradition, belief and gods.


is a country in the West of Africa and it borders with Benin on the west, Chad
and Cameron in the east and Niger in the North. Its coast lies on the Gulf of
Guinea. Nigeria is estimated to have a population of about 186 million.  Umuofia is the home of the main character,
Okonkwo. It has a number of hills. In Umuofia they build their houses out of
mud and each wife has their own house with they live in with their children.
Mbanta village is the village Okonkwo is sent to because of the bad deed that
he had done.


                    Main Character

main character of the book “Things Fall Apart “is Okonkwo. He is born in the
1900’s. He is tall and skinny and he has a dark complexion. He is in between
the age group of 32 and 36. He is bald and he has a built body.


would say that Okonkwo is a hardworking man. The reason I would say this is
because Okonkwo worked all day long and all night long if he had to. He would
always plant his cassavas every season and take care of them to make sure they
grow well. Okonkwo is also a leader. Okonkwo is a leader because he always
wants to take lead and be an example. Okonkwo is also strong. I say this
because at a very young age, he fought and he won. He was famous and known at a
young age because of this. I would also say that Okonkwo is determined. He is
determined because whenever he puts his mind to something he must do it. For
example he set his mind to wake up early and go to the farm, he will do that.


                    The Conflict

universal conflicts that the main character faces is character against
character. I say this because Okonkwo had a problem with the British people who
came to colonize. The British people forced their religion and their way of
life to their land. Okonkwo could not handle all of this and so he decided to
hang himself.


reason is because Okonkwo’s child Nywoye ran away because he liked the ways of
the British. Okonkwo did not like their religion or their ways and he did not
want his family to be part of their religion. Though he didn’t like it, Nywoye
did and when his father found out he beat him thoroughly with a stick and after
that Nywoye ran away

                    Main Event

main event of the book is when he kills himself. The reason of this is because
he was mad at the British people and so he destroyed their church. He was
punished for that. He got mad and wanted war between both the clan and the
British people


his punishment he was released and he killed the messenger who was sent by the
District Commissioner. He did this as a sign to show he wanted war between the
British and his clan. He’s clan refused to fight and for that he couldn’t. And
so for that he killed himself which was good for the clan because it would be
more peaceful for them and the British people.


                    The Conclusion

author’s purpose is to explain how the people of Umuofia lived. It tells us how
their life was before and after the English people came. I think Chinua Achebe
wrote this book so that we can take a look to see how life was before.


 Things fall apart was a book that informed. It
informed me because I know what it was like to be colonized by other people.
It’s not good to force your culture into other people’s lives and take over
their land.


would recommend this book to a classmate, friend or family because it has a
really strong message. The reason being it can help others by making them stop
trying to put things in other people’s lives. Its strength is that it can help
people reflect on what they’re doing in other people’s lives. Its weakness is
that it can make others give up because that was what Okonkwo did when he
killed himself. I love this book because it made me think on what I was doing
to other people’s lives.



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