BZRK by Michael Grant: War of Control over the Human Mind

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Last updated: August 9, 2019

BZRK by Michael Grant is a story about a war for control over the human mind taken place in the near future.

The owners of Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation are Benjamin and Charles Armstrong who are conjoined twins, whose goal is to make the world a utopia with no free will by taking control over the human mind and they will start with world leaders. Fighting to stop them is a group of teenagers who call themselves BZRK and they all risk their life everyday with the chance of going insane. Agents in BZRK have biots which are microscopic robots that are connected to their mind and they are able to control the biots to fight in the human body.AFGC and BZRK are fghting this war in the nano-level and the battleground is the human brain.

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Sadie McLure (Plath): opinionated, serious, thoughtful, prickly Noah Cotton (Keats): observer, quiet, intuitive-thinker, courageous Vincent: Anhedonic, undaunted, strong-willed, merciful, loyal Anthony Elder (Bug Man): dangerous, determined, cocky, vindictive Charles and Benjamin Armstrong: ruthless, power-hungry, deranged, unforgiving 1 . The first time Nijinsky and Noah met, Nijinsky asked him “which is more important: freedom or happiness? ” Explain why Nijinsky asked Noah this question. 2.Imagine hat you are given a chance to become a Twitcher. Would you risk your sanity to help to fght a war in the human brain to save the world from becoming the Armstrong twins’ version of a utopia? Why or why not? 3.

The Armstrong twins spent their entire life hiding because of their appearance. Predict what the brothers would do if they were able to separate from each other. Explain your reasoning. From Chapter 4, page 41 : Nijinsky: “Tell me something, Noah. Which is more important: freedom or happiness? ” What was this, a game? But Nijinsky wasn’t smiling. miou cant be happy unless you’re free,” Noah said. ople don’t have happiness if they don’t have freedom. In the novel, Charles and Benjamin Armstrong’s goal is to create a utopia by controlling the human mind.

By doing this, humans would have no free will. When Nijinsky asked “which is more important: freedom or happiness? ” it was the first time him and Noah met. The reason why he might have asked this question is because he might be giving Noah a clue about what BZRK is trying to do to protect people from losing their free will. One of the main themes in the novel is that people will risk anything to keep their freedom and have happiness.

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