How can people agree to let drugs be involved in sports

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Last updated: April 16, 2019

Firstly it ruins the whole point of sporting events, competitions. Secondly drugs are dangerous and can cause serious side affects and finally athletes are supposed to be role models for younger kids, teenagers and future athletes. So tell me do u think this is real sportsmanship by the athletes?Drug taking in sport is dishonest and simply cheating. The whole point of these sporting events is ruined.

Athletes competing in these sporting events have practiced hard to get to where they are at the moment, whilst the drug taking “athletes” can just come along decide they want win medals and become famous so instead of practicing hard to get there they just take some sort of performance enhancing drugs. So these athletes should not be allowed to compete in races and break record that real athletes have earned.Moreover, irresponsible drug use can lead to permanent, serious irreparable injuries, which can cost the athletes their sporting career. Short term and long term injuries that may occur as a side affect of using drugs are:Amphetamines (speed): increased heart and breathing rates, euphoria, heightened awareness and reflexes and a dulled sensation of pain and if u take higher doses your heartbeat can become irregular and muscle tumors occur. These are all short-term affects.Long-term affects include: irritability, insomnia, headaches, high blood pressure and irregular heart beat.

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Death is rare but there have been cases where Olympians die as a result of using amphetamines.Some effects of Anabolic steroids are increased muscle size and strength (which isn’t always a good thing) increased blood pressure, aggressive behavior, liver cancer and kidney cancer.Erythropoietin (EPO) can kill if u take too large a dose.Amphetamines, anabolic steroids and Erythropoietin are all performance enhancing drugs. The following drugs I’m going to list are therapeutic drugs, which reduce the effect of injuries to enable the athlete to return to competition sooner.Painkillers consist of local anaesthetics, which stop the feeling of pain in the injured area and then can lead to permanent injury to that area.

Side affects of anti-inflammatory drugs include diarrhea, dizziness, water retention more serious effects are stomach ulcers and anemia. A stronger group of anti-inflammatory drugs is corticosteroids weakens tendons by repeated use a which increases the risk or further injury long term damage by these drugs include arthritis.Finally taking drugs in sport is very irresponsible because athletes are supposed to be role models for younger kids, teenagers and future athletes. So when they take drugs it may give the impression that it is ok to use drugs and that drugs don’t do any harm, which is very wrong.Some people think that it is ok to use drugs in sport because it is more entertaining for people to watch and more world records are broken and also that it helps the people with injuries.This view is wrong because first of all, although it may be a bit more interesting to watch the first few times world records are broken but after a while spectators will get bored of it and want something more which can mean the making of more performance enhancing drugs and then can lead to more serious affects than before.

And second of it does not help the people with injuries because even though the pain will go away at first and the athlete will be able to play sooner but u have to know that there is a high probability that the injury will come back and it may even come back worse which could mean that the athlete may have to take a break from the sport he/she is competing in for a longer period or it may even mean the end of their sporting career. So they have a greater injury than what they began with.In conclusion to this we see that drugs should not be permitted in sports because it defies the cause of these games, drugs also ruin your health and even though they may help you in the short term but in long term they do you worse than good and finally these athletes are supposed to be role models to younger kids/teenagers and future athletes. So now is it the real athletes who have worked hard and practiced hard or is it the athletes who just take drugs to get to that winning position who deserve to win medals, break records and be called champions? So for the sake of the real athletes, future athletes and younger children who look up to athletes as role models do not let drugs be allowed in sports!

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