Canadian there they took Vimy Ridge from the

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                   Canadian Troops arrive from VimyRidge.

Yesterday, A troop of tough Canadians captured the landof Vimy Ridge from the German troops in WW1.The land of Vimy Ridge was a French territory but wascaptured by the Germans, Britain and France both tried to recapture the landbut both failed so now it was the Canadians turn. At the time the GeneralArthur Currie was the leader of the Canadian troops and was determined not tomake the same mistakes their allies made, so he made sure his men were wellprepared. So, when the Canadian troops got there they took Vimy Ridge from theGermans in seven days.A Canadian troop said “this was a great battle we wentin to the battle so confident because we were well prepared with a great gameplan to capture Vimy Ridge this was a success!” Another Canadian troop said”General Arthur Currie is a great leader he got us well prepared and confidentfor the battle we went in there confident all because of General Arthur Currieand how much he trained us.”The Germans are very embarrassed becausethey weredefeated in seven days and loss a battle to “Canadians”.

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For more information go to local news station or listento the radio.        Terry Fox passes away because ofcancer.Yesterday, a young boy named TerryFox passed away in Thunder Bay, Ontario because of cancer had spreading fromhis legs to his lungs. Terry Fox wanted to run across Canada to raise money forcancer research at first on his journey he was gaining any money until peoplestarted to notice him more. On his journey to Newfoundland he was told that hecan’t keep on going because you’re going to die soon due to the Cancerspreading to his lungs. Terry Fox was determined to keep on going but wasforced to stop.A bystander of the Marathon of Hope said that “she wasvery delighted to see a young man do this and want to raise money for cancerresearch and fight instead of doing nothing.” Another bystander of the Marathonsaid” I never knew about this until one day I looked outside my house and a saya Marathon with a man with one leg leading so then I started to follow up onhim and thought his idea was amazing.

“Terry Fox will be well remembered and never forgotten inour hearts and inspired many people to never give up.For more information go to yourlocal news station or listen to the radio.        General ArthurCurrie leads the Canadian troops to capturing Vimy Ridge.

Yesterday, Canadian soldiers havecaptured Vimy Ridge from the German troops and are now coming back home fromthe battle ground as conquerors for their performance. This was all possible due to thecaptaincy skills of General Arthur Currie. Vimy Ridge was the French’sterritory before it was taken over by German troops. The French and Britaintroops both failed to re-capture the land so now it was the Canadians turn. Atthe time General Arthur Currie was the head of the Canadian troops and had thetroops well prepared and determined to re-capture Vimy Ridge and not repeat themistakes that Britain and the French made.

A Canadian soldier said “I was veryconfident coming in to this battle that we would win because we had a greatgame plan to take over the land.” Another Canadian soldier said “this was a great success the Germans didn’t see it coming we trained so much athome that we knew when we go to the battle ground we would be ready togo.”For more information go to your localnews station or listen to the radio.           A new popularmeal was invented called a poutine.

Yesterday, in Drummondville a restaurant called Le RoyJucep invented a new Canadian dish called a poutine which consist of Frenchfries, cheese curds and gravy.A client asked the restaurant to put cheese and gravy onfries and after the client told he really liked that so they suggested it as ameal at the restaurant. The restaurant took the meal into consideration becausethe client really liked how it tasted.An employee named Jeff Teague said “a client came in therestaurant looking like he had a long day at work and wanted fries but thistime wanted something with it and asked for cheese and gravy. When he receivedhis order, he was so delighted and asked for another one because of how good ittasted.” Another client in the restaurant said “He looked very dead of energywhen he first came in but once he got his meal he looked like the happiest manon earth.

The poutine is now getting a lot of notice and everyonewants one. Many restaurants now have this meal available in their restaurantsnow. This is significant In Canadian history because now this meal is afavourite at most restaurants.

For more information go to your local news station orlisten to the radio.    A new phone called the Blackberry Limited was inventedand everyone has one.Yesterday,a student of the University of Waterloo namedMike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin both invented a telephone called theBlackberry Limited.The phone was published by a company called the [email protected] Pager 900. This was provided with a (QWERTY keyboard) and had theability to send emails and faxes.

However, when it came to the time to give thedevice a name they were stumbling over fruits and vegetables then came to aconclusion to the name of Blackberry.A colleague who was working at this company at the timesaid “the Blackberry is something that has never been seen before and is uniquein its own way with many different features customers are really going to lovethis phone.” Another colleague working at the company said “the BlackberryLimited would receive many sales because of how great it is and unique it wasand also know had seen a phone like this before.”The Blackberry Limited quickly became popular in itsfirst days it was published and open for sale.

Everyone on the street at somepoint had the phone showing it off because of how amazing it was.For more information go to your local news station orlisten to the radio.        Women have finally been seen as people in theeyes of the law.Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada pronounced womento be seen as people in the eyes of the law. This case was called the PersonsCase it was a legal ruling that constructed the right of women to be decided bythe senate.The case was set up by a group consisting of five womenwhich is known as the famous five. The supreme court of Canada said that womenwere not seen as people in the eyes of the law according to the British NorthAmerican act. At first their appointment to the senate was not accepted becausethey were women but the women bran got to the Privy Council of England wherethedecision made by the court was reversed.A bystander at the court hearing said ” Those fivegirls are very brave for what they did and stood up for what they think isright, it was good to know someone really cared about women having no say inanything.” Another bystander of the court hearing said “these are thebravest women on earth they took this issue to court and took it uponthemselves to get this issue resolved.”The famous five went on to win many awards and money fortheir act and help on women being seen as people in the eyes of the law.For more information go to your local news station orlisten to the radio.

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