Capital Punishment In The UK

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Last updated: November 24, 2020

It is clear from the statistics shown in figure 1 that the crime rate has increased dramatically since the abolition of the death penalty. As shown in the graph there was a decrease in crime and it then increases again at a very steady rate suggesting deterrent methods have become weak, and, or, crime is becoming more common in general. The graph is based on American statistics but it is clear that this represents the crime which is taking place in Britain. The protection of society is the key aspect of capital punishment, and the statistics show that an increase of crime would suggest that the more crime that took place would show the more society would become at risk.

If capital punishment was to be brought back it would save the tax payers money. The table shown in figure two shows there is an increase suggesting there will be a rise in taxes so the country can house these criminals. In October 2001 the latest figure that had been published was 67,465 inmates. This represents an increase of over 400 since the end of August 2000. If this increase continues there would have to be more prisons built to house the prisoners, this means more of tax payers money going towards paying for the housing of criminals, but also toward the building of the prisons and their maintenance.The average cost of keeping a prisoner in custody is about �27,500. This results in a cost of �1,855,287,500 a year of tax payers’ money being spent on housing inmates. The portion of this money which would be spent on those inmates who would receive the death penalty could be spent on the essentials such as schooling or health care.

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The cost of housing the volume of prisoners we now have has caused a prison building and maintenance program costing around �2.7billion over 10 years.The increase of crime in the UK has a major effect on society, there has been a 87% increase in burglar alarms sales over the last ten years. Society is the main element of capital punishment. It is not fair to those who live a law abiding life to live threatened by those around us.

If capital punishment was brought back it would rid society of those who are most likely to harm. It would rid society of those who are likely to re offend. By protecting society from crime it is psychologically possible that those in society would not be as influenced to commit crime.

The crime rate in the UK has clearly increased, threatening the lives of those in society. By reintroducing capital punishment it would be possible to protect society, and increase the welfare of society by investing the money which would have been spent on other aspects of society. Society would clearly benefit.

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