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I believe that the journalist assigned to witness the hanging was and is trying to persuade the general public what a ‘grim business’ capital punishment is. The journalist works for the official gazette and why he thinks so badly of theses hangings. We can see that he is angry with the countries wish to use capital punishment even though it’s stopped. The people in favour of capital punishment are being persuaded by the report to forget about bringing back capital punishment.

He is out to shock the readers by how gruesome it actually is for example the reporter mentions that “it is doubtful that if those who seek the reinintroduction of capital punishment have ever seen a hanging”. This promises chances of more gory details grabbing attention if they are for capital punishment. I believe that the writing style is angry as the words he/she uses like “was a sort of death row”.

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The report is about the last ever hanging in New Zealand, as some of the public want it back. He has witnesses these horrible events and is determined to keep it as it is .I think he mentions the parliament and court rooms as everyone would expect and this is a vile gloomy place where killings is held. He is comparing what the public may think.

He makes various comments on length of the rope and how a male ejaculates and evacuates his bowels to surprise and shock the reader maybe turning their opinion. The reporter tells you about the criminal’s bowels showing how demeaning and undignified it is He also trys makes the reader sympathetic towards the prisoner as he describes him as the oldest and heaviest.He also says things like ‘hulking’ almost comparing him to an abandoned ship. Also when the mans last words are interrupted by the man makes it a horrible story. The reporter also seems angry at the last remark by one of the men as the man is being killed. He shows no sympathy or respect.

Shambled is a form of shuffling/walking and this is how the reporter describes him as. He mentions the length of the rope to disgust the readers making against capital punishment. There are no reasons given for the condemned man for poisoning his wife. This is to make his case sympathetic.

He wouldn’t mention the murder, as he would be turning the readers against him. We learn that the supervisors at the execution didn’t want to be there and they have no respect for the criminal and they interrupt the frightened old man and after he’s been killed the supervisors make a joke “who’s for a long drop” making reference to the hanged man while holding the whisky. The reporter creates the atmosphere around him by describing the weather for example ” a million light years away” and ” the sky was darkening” makes the scene and also makes it seen a sad and gloomy day.

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