Capital Were Executed and Later Found Innocent)There are several

Capital Punishment: MyAssumptions vs. the Facts            CertaintyI can imagine there being a larger amount of innocent people that have beenexecuted without there being enough substantial evidence. I came to thisassumption because I’ve seen several cases on TV and magazines that have occurredthis way.

However, it doesn’t mean they can be right all the time because thesocial media may only show you some parts of the case they want to and not thefulfilling story. Along with that, in history there has always been corruptionin both the political and religious world. The world has always been manipulatedby money, the “everybody has a price” quote is relevant even though wemight all contain a different price.            Many more African Americans aresentenced to death than white people, therefore I think there is a racial biasin the death penalties.

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I think African Americans are sentenced more to deathbecause they are raised different. They grow in more difficult situations whichpush them to make wrong decisions, compared to whites which are wealthier andhave it easier. We all are definitely raised different, which is why we don’t allget along. But either way our parents have raised us to believe dark skinpeople are more aggressive which is why they are judged instantly withoutevidence just because of the ratio of the bad things colored people have donein the past. I think     A recent study believes there is 1 in every 25sentences to death in the United States for crimes they didn’t commit.

The study, released Monday inthe Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, “tells you that asurprising number of innocent people are sentenced to death,” Samuel R.Gross. (Newsweek) Either sometimes they are framed or misinterpretedinformation. Like in some cases such as the execution of Cameron ToddWillingham who was convicted in 1992 of arson and murder. It was believed thathe had intentionally set the fire with intentions to kill his kids but waslater proven to have been accidental by the Texas Forensic Science Commission.

(8 People Who Were Executed and Later Found Innocent)There are several case inwhich they came to realize they have punish the wrong person after doing so. Themost often mistakes found come from years ago which might have been caused bythe depravation of advance technology.   According to specialists in research hast linksrace and the capital punishment revealed that black defendants are four timesmore likely to receive the death penalty compared to whites. (The Death Penaltyin Black and White) These conclusion was based on researchers dissectingseveral cases and analysis deciding factor which may have influenced theconviction such as the severity of the crime. What these researchers find maybe a huge influence on these racial disparities being present in death penalty convictionsis the fact that a majority of those in charge of deciding the fate of theconvicted are white.

“Of the chief District Attorneys in countiesusing the death penalty in the United States, nearly 98% are white and only 1%are African-American.” Therefore they have come to the conclusion that a lot ofthe cases final decision are based on the defendant and victim color skin.Death penalty are reported to only be legal in some states in which have beenproved to be races. Even though racism always been a big controversial part ofAmerica and a big influence in the death penalty other things also have come toplay in the final decision which might include their gender and economicstatus.

Racial bias in the administration of the death penalties has been along time time issue in the world and still continues to grow since it’s hard tomake a fundamental change in the death penalty system. It’s surprisingly evidential that there are severalrare cases in which people prove themselves innocent from a crime. There are caseswhere accidents happens and are blame on someone who couldn’t control the outcome.People often rush to conclusions without poof. Its retevly unfair how racialbias are still present in our world after several years.

There more whiteattorneys who decide the prisoner’s future which explains a lot of this racial bias.The most important thing to do before making any type of judgement is to havefacts back up your opinions so you can make a good moral judgement. Which isvery important because a lot of lives are depend on this simple decisions. You can’tjust someone did something without being fully convince they committed a crimeor even then without proof.

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