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Last updated: September 12, 2019

Career OptionsExercise Physiologist_____________________________________________Substance Abuse Counselor______________________________________________Horticulture Therapist_____________________________________________Education/ Training Requirements Identify the specific steps to take to prepare for career option.Attend a four year college and acquire a degree in Exercise Physiology, Physical Therapy, or Kinesiology.Optional: Continue education and acquire a master’s degree in any or the above majors.This career usually requires a Master’s degree at minimum, usually in PsychologyMany go on to get a Ph.D.

, M.D, or J.D..A degree in horticulture is the minimum requirement to secure a job in this field.Most continue on to a specialized horticulture therapy program that focuses more on the social science aspect of this career.OutlookEmployment is projected to grow from 9% to 13% from 2014 to 2024.Employment is projected to grow 15% from 2016-2026.

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Employment is projected to grow from 9% to 13% from 2014 to 2024.SalaryBetween $38,270 to $59,500 yearly.The median wage is $41,070.Between $39,570 to $59,680 yearly.Primary Work ActivitiesResearch athletic performance and work with athletes to help them improve performance.Work alongside Olympic trainers to develop an exercise routine for athletes. Creates relationships with patients and maintains them over time.

Listens to patients and accesses a plan to assist them with their dependency issues.Works closely with other health professionals to treat patients with emotional and mental disorders.Uses horticulture techniques to patients that struggle with motor and communication skills.

SkillsDecision makingProblem SolvingReasoning ScienceSocial PerceptivenessListeningSpeakingCritical ThinkingReading ComprehensionSocial PerceptivenessHelpingListeningReasoningSocial PerceptivenessSpeakingValuesAltruism/Helping SocietyHelping othersRelationshipsAchievementIndependenceAltruism/Helping SocietyHelping othersReason(s) why career option is of interest to youI enjoy athletics and have an interest in medicine. I also have a desire to help others. This career combines all of things and I feel I would thoroughly enjoy this occupation.I have a great deal of experience with people that suffer with dependency issues and feel that I would be able to understand my patients more than someone who hasn’t had real life experiences.This career would allow me to help other people while also being in an outdoor environment. I feel the most comfortable when I’m in nature and feel that this would be a great working environment for me.SourceFOCUS2O*NetFOCUS2

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