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Last updated: September 29, 2019

Career ReportBy: James Hagedorn What Carpenters DoCarpenters build things such as frameworks and structures. Things like stairways, doorframes, partitions, rafters, and bridge supports. They make stuff from wood and other materials.

Carpenters also may install kitchen cabinets, siding, and drywall.What Carpenters do.Carpenters mainly work with:blueprints and building plans.Install structures and fixtures.

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Layout and cut wood, plastic, and other materials.Construct buildings, as well as walls, floors, and doorframes.Replace any damaged framework and/or any other structures.Tell laborers and other construction helpers about anything that needs to be done.Carpenters are one of the most important construction occupations.

There are some carpenters that just work in office buildings, some just hang drywall, and some just build cabinets for homes. Carpenters that construct tall buildings or bridges usually set concrete forms for concrete footings and piers are referred to as rough carpenters. Other carpenters use lifts and scaffolding for buildings.Carpenters use many different hand and power tools to cut wood, plastic, fiberglass, and drywall. They use hand tools a lot, including squares, levels, and chisels. They also use many power tools, such as sanders, circular saws, nail guns, and welding machines. Carpenters put materials together with nails, screws, staples, and glues.

They also do a final check of their work to ensure that their work completed to their satisfaction and clients satisfaction. They use a tape measure on every project to make sure that the size on the material is correct, which reduces scrap material and saves time. Many employers require carpenters to buy/use their own tools.Types of carpenters:Residential carpenters build single-family houses, townhouses, condos, and also remodeling.

They may also set forms, pour concrete slabs, and finish framework and/or interior in houses. Residential carpenters will also frame interior walls, build stairs, and install drywall. They will also do crown molding, doors, and cabinets. Residential carpenters may tile floors, nail down wood floors, laminate floors, and glue carpet.

Trained carpenters can switch from homebuilding to remodeling.Commercial carpenters typically build and remodel office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, and malls. Some commercial carpenters work with light-gauge and load-bearing steel framing for interior partitions, exterior framing, and curtain wall construction. Other commercial carpenters work with concrete forming systems, finishing interior and exterior walls, partitions, and ceilings.

A lot on commercial carpenters work the with many of the same jobs as residential carpenters.Industrial carpenters typically work on town projects and in industrial settings, where they build scaffolding and create and set forms for pouring concrete. Industrial carpenters may build tunnel bracings, underground passageways, and mines to control the air circulation to worksites. Work Environment for CarpentersCarpenters hold about 945,400 jobs.

Carpenters consist of resident building construction, 20%; nonresident building construction, 12%; building finishing contractors, 11%..About 1 in 3 carpenters are self-employed. Most carpenters work in the construction industry, where they account for the largest share of the building trades occupations.Carpenters may work in tight spaces, indoors and/or outdoors, and wide open spaces.

Carpenters are always lifting, standing, and kneeling. So by the end on the day, they are tied and hurting. Carpenters also work outside sometimes.

So if the weather outside is bad, they are either outside in the bad weather, inside doing something else, or they are on a different job.Injuries and IllnessesCarpenters have one of the easiest jobs to get injured or ill. There are even some accidents that can be fatal.

Some of the ways they get injured his from saws, nail guns, falling off roofs or ladders, or just somebody being stupid and drops something. It is easy for them to get ill because if one on the workers are ill, they could get ill.Carpenter Work SchedulesAlmost all carpenters are full time, most on the time, they start early in the morning and end late in the evening. They are required to work overtime a lot so they can meet a deadline. They sometimes even have to work outside when its 110 degrees fahrenheit and when it’s 10 below .

Some carpenters are also self-employed. About 1 in 3 carpenters are self-employed. So most of the time, their hours depend.

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