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Last updated: April 15, 2019

According to the case study, Caring Expert Services Ltd was founded 10 years ago by two highly respected professional social workers who both started their careers working for local authorities. CESL is an independent social work agency specialising in working with extremely complex children and families’ matters across the UK. The company continues to add value and differentiate itself by providing a very high quality of professional service.

The company has grown rapidly to employ 20+ associates, and CESL’s services now include:* Expert assessment of children and families (including outsourced fostering and adoption services for local authorities)* Family group conferences* Therapeutic and enabling work with parents and children* Alternative dispute resolution and mediation* Contact between children and families* Anger management* Adoption work* Consultancy and investigations* Training (including long-term in-house training contracts for local councils).Caring Expert Services Ltd SWOTSTRENGTHS* Excellent introduction and growth phase* High quality service* Good brand image* Good relation with government (funding)* Highly professional employeesWEAKNESSES* Well established competitors* Limited financial resources* Private Individual competitors in the market* Possible government change in funding* High staff costs of associatesOPPERTUNIUTIES* National and international growth opportunities in the sector* Becoming multi-million pound sector* Good reputation and brand image to expandTHREATS* Existing competition* Private Individual competitors in the market* limited financial resourcesCaring Expert Services Ltd has had a good introduction and growth phase in midland area and they have 5% of national market share. As it can be seen from SWOT analysis, there are some issues such as high level of competitors and limited financial resources, which may have impact on the business. Through above (SWOT), CESL successfully created a very strong brand image in the market.

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There is a threat of existing competitors in the market as well as limited financial resources has unable the organization to expand effectively.There is a high potential opportunity in the market to expand their business not only nationally but internationally too. CESL by analysing their SWOT to look at their strengths and take advantage of opportunities with a strategic planning in place try to turn their weaknesses to opportunities and avoid their threats. By looking at the company’s main threat which has been identified is the threats of competitors such as Bridge Consultancy, NSPCC, NCH and Barnardos, the business should more and more trying to decrease their cost as well as product differentiations by adding value to their service in order to gain more market share.CESL is a very well known brand in its field, in order to sustain or strengthen their market position they should be more sensitive to the costumers needs and wants. CESL with a long history in childcare and social work has been able to gain costumer trust in their service offers, and targeted different segment age.

Therefore, they should focus on target age group effectively and understanding their need in order continues their growth nationally in short term and internationally in long term.Porters Five Factors According to, Wit, B. De, and Meyer, R. (2006), within the market all brands attempts to offer the costumers a wide rang of highly good quality service in order to gain more market share. Bridge Consultancy, NSPCC, NCH and Barnardos, as well as some other private individual are the major CESL’s competitors in the market with a strategic planning in place to promote their products.Since there is opportunity for the sector to becoming a multi-million pound sector, CESL will not only face the main competitors in the market but also there is possible of new entrance (threat of new entrance).

Although CESL is a very well known brand but continues development and adding value (differentiation) which are valued based on costumers needs and want is requires sustaining or expanding their business nationally and internationally and avoid costumer’s switch to other brands (threat of substitute and power of demand).Strategies and Recommendations According to Lynch, R. L. (2005) Corporate Strategy, nowadays with frequent changes in all industries, firms should have the deeper understanding of costumer’s need and wants also by observing competitors try respond to the needs accordingly in order to have advantages over existing competitors. Although CESL is a very well known brand when it’s coming to its field industry with a long experience and good brand image with high quality for its service which gained 5% of market share in UK.Thus CESL should have a clear strategic planning in place where by taking advantage of all opportunities and resources to target a new segment market to offer them a high quality service to sustain and growth their business nationally in short term and internationally in the long term.

In previous section of this paper, we have highlighted the external factors (competitors ”Porters Five Factors) and internal factors through SWOT which was important for the business directors to make decisions. Directors should have a clear idea about what competitors are doing and what factors may result in costumers switch (Johnson, G, ; Scholes, K. nd Whittingtam, R. 2005).There is high potential market nationally in the UK and the industry becoming a multi-million pound sector, there is high potential for existing competitors as well as new entrance. Continues development and adding value to their service (differentiation) according to costumer’s wants and needs is vital for the business to growth successfully. It’s extremely important not only by observing the external and internal factors but also understand costumer needs and wants which they value for the service for directors to make sure they will make the right futuristic decisions.

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