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Last updated: September 18, 2019

Carol Christine Fair, who according to her Facebookpage and Twitter account, is on the left of politics, and a feminist non-theist,is being sued by German police in Frankfurt, Germany after she called them “Nazi’s”while they told her that she could not take any liquids in her luggage throughthe security checkpoint, the Independent UK reported.German Federal Police (Polizei) Officers stated thatwhen, Fair, a 49-year-old Associate Professorat Georgetown University became “irrationaland infuriated” with their request, she in-turn called them “f***ing bastards”and then called them, “f***ing German Nazi police”.Fairdenies she made those statementsFair has repudiated the claim that she referred to the policeofficers as Nazis during the disagreement at Germany’s Frankfurt InternationalAirport security checkpoint.

She said shewas confounded when she pointed out that the German officer had seized herdeodorant while the officers allowed what she called, a “Nazi-looking man” with”a Nazi Hitler youth-type haircut” who was nearby and was allowed to passthrough security.After the incident, Fair was taken to the localGerman police station where an investigation was launched to see if there’s acause or suspicion of the use of slander against the police officers. While shewas allowed to continue her trip to Turkey, she had to deposit 183 euro’s, or$260,  before she could leave for futurelegal procedures in court.While Fair penned an article on Huffington Postclaiming that she did not use those words and the German police are lying, theGerman police stated that Fair through herTwitter tweets about the officers calling them nothing but bullies and “thugsin uniform” has now become additional evidence in their pre-investigation ofthe airport incident.Frankfurtairport public relations responseGermany’s airport public relations spokesman, MichaelMoser released statements concerning the incident and stated that when Fair’sbaggage went through the airport’s x-raymachine, it had indicated that Fair’s luggage may hold explosive substances. Due to German law, Fair’s security screeningagent reached out to the German police officers to inspect the luggage further.

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After they had finished checking her luggage, the officershad come to the conclusion that what was in Fair’sluggage didn’t comprise of any explosive material. Upon further inspection,they did find that she had several cosmetic articles and that the cosmeticswere not inside a transparent bag, as required by European Union as well as internationalgoverning regulations. Moser also stated that she had surpassed the permissibleamount of “carry-on liquids”.The police officers did suggest to Fair that she puta “roll-on type deodorant” item into her check-in baggage instead of hercarry-on travel luggage, which would have allowed her to be within theguidelines of allowable liquids or just dispose of the liquid deodorant thereat the airport.

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