‘Carrie’s war’

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Last updated: November 7, 2019

Source G is an extract from Nina Bowden’s novel ‘Carrie’s war’.

This is a story of a young girl who gets evacuated to Wales during ww2. This book includes parts taken from Nina’s own experiences but, Nina Bowden stresses the fact that it is not a biographical novel.As the source is an extract from a novel it is not very reliable. To sell copies of novels writers exaggerate to make them more enjoyable for the reader. There is the element of first hand experiences but, it is not a biography.

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Source G was written by Novelist and evacuee, Nina Bowden. Source G is a secondary source, as it was written in 1973 and was based in 1939. The fact it was written after the time makes it possible that memories could have been influenced and swayed over time. Also the fact that it is fiction ultimately makes it unreliable.Although source G is a novel it still has realistic elements to it. For example the social divide of the British population during the war in the 1930s and 1940s. Source G also relates to the prejudice shown towards certain social classes.

Thirdly it also tells you of the attitudes of the foster parents and the feelings they had towards evacuees.’Oh, I’m sorry, how silly of me, why should you have slippers?’This quote just shows the snobbery of foster parents.Social differences during ww2 were high.

Many people of different classes wouldn’t associate with each other. The only places that there would be mixing of social class would be in the workplace. This social divide was apparent with evacuees and there foster parents. Children and fosterers alike would find it hard to cope with the differences in social class. This was where you would see the stereotypical English snobbery that the world still has the idea about Britain.To conclude it has to be said that Nina Bowden really does address the bad points of evacuation. She seems to focus on the bad parts of one of the greatest governmental strategies this country has ever seen.

She would rather focus on the negatives than the fact that it saved the lives of those 1.5million people that were evacuated in 1939 and many more over the course of the war. If it wasn’t for evacuation I would not be writing this coursework essay.

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