Daniel Lopez 5, December 2013 When I first started to drive I never knew how much gas was and the meaning of being responsible. I was only 16 when I started so I never had to put gas in the car or my mom’s SUV. When I turned 18 that’s when I started working at Jimmy Johns and driving around a lot more, this is when I noticed all the money that I wasn’t making and everything I made went to the car. I would spend forty dollars on gas and make fifty dollars on tips and only go home with ten bucks.

I was getting sick of all the money I had to put in the car but at the same time I was fine with it because I always had a place to pump gas no matter where I delivered to. But one day my girlfriend at the time had me clean her car at the local car cleaner station on Weston road and I thought the car would be better than my Wd Jetta but it wasn’t to me. Her Toyota Prius was slow and annoying to drive. I rather stick with my Jetta. I wonder if vehicles that run on gasoline are better than electric or hybrid cars?

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Now let me tell you some fun facts about vehicles that run on gasoline. Combustion engines have been around many years the first combustion engine to be in a car was back when henry ford came out with the first vehicle called the Model T in 1908-1927. When that automobile started to roll off the line it was the start of shaping and changing America and the world as we know it today. Without the Ford Motor Company we would never have sexy cars like the Bugatti, Lamborghini or the Porsche.

Another type of vehicle we wouldn’t have today is semis, pickup trucks, and SUVs. This all came possible because of Henry Ford. I know filling up your vehicle can be expensive but would you rather spend the money to fill her up or take the chance with an electric car with hardly any place to charge her up? Todays cars, trucks, and SUVs give you great gas mileage. My Jetta and my mom’s Doge Journey gives’ us about 30-40 miles per gallon in the city or on the highway.


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