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cars,Siri, Smarthomes etcEg:Youtube andamazonrecommendationsVIII. FUTURE SCOPEWe the human beings are biologically intelligent and thatintelligence is purely a mature paradigm.The newparadigm of non biological computation and theintelligence is about to grow exponentially in all aspectsgiving hope to the emerging world ofsmartness.

Artificial Intelligence has already arrived inthe workplaces, spawning tools that replicate humanjudgements that were too complicated and subtle todistill the instructions for the computer.Artificialintellegence is expected to witness not just the world ofautomation and sophisticated life style but a phenominalgrowth in forth coming years as all the concerns havestarted to capitalize on the benefits of such disruptivetechnologies for their effective positioning of theirofferings and customer reach. Artificial intelligence is aboon to the field of education, medicine, science andadvancements, world economy and much more.IX. IDEA OF IMPLEMENTING AI? As a part of medical application AI can be innovatedinto spectacles, which can be exclusively used bypeople of various defects. Here the AI can bedesigned to correct the vision impairmentsautomatically by analysing the cornea.? ‘Shop smart’.

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Yes, an AI can suggest an individualwith a better product according to their preferrings.In a smarter way it can give a picture of an individualwith his or her choice of product along with itsratings.? In Education AI can assist teachers in evaluating,grading, record management of all the students. Thisway will enhance the efficiency of the teachers toimpart better knowledge to the students withoutgetting indulged in other primary activities.? It is said that almost all the organization around theworld are getting automated which would cut downthe employment of humanbeings.AI should notreplace human beings completely.

AI can besupervised by the fellow beings. So when companiesget into automation, that automation itself needs anauthor and so lets get into invention.X. LIMITATIONS OF AI? Resignation of individual responsibilities.? Fear of a super human.

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