Casablanca – Dis-Illusioning

1. THESIS OF YOUR “MINI” DIS-ILLUSIONING OF THIS FILM The classic and award winning movie “Casablanca” has become favorite move to many generations all around the world.

And although it shows some great acting and wonderful directing viewers have to be aware of the obvious as well as hidden messages of this classis. The movie glorifies Myth # 3, suggesting that your true soul mate should know what you are thinking or feeling, without you having to tell. There are other different myths in this movie but this one in particular was obvious to me throughout.The film was very well made for its time and it became a classic, regarded by critics as one of the best movies of all times, but it is not perfect. Its underlying messages suggest that people fall in love without knowing too much about each other and without communicating properly.

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Hiding your thoughts seems somehow interesting and creates suspense. But that can work only on the screen; real life can get very complicated and messy if we follow the same rules. 2.

“MINI” DIS-ILLUSIONING OF THIS FILM STEP 3. DECONSTRUCTIONThe primary myth illustrated in “Casablanca” is Myth # 7 (Your true soul mate should know what you are thinking or feeling without you having to tell. ) Other myths that you can find tin this movie are #5 (To attract and keep a man, a woman should look like a model or a centerfold. ) and myth #6 (The man should not be shorter, weaker, younger, poorer, or less successful than the woman.

) The entire portion of the movie with the flashback from Paris, where Rick and Ilsa fall in love is a proof for myth #7. The couple meets, falls in love, but they barely know each other.She never tells him anything about herself. What kind of a relationship are they building when she is not sharing any personal information? She does not give him any real explanation when she does not show up at the train station- just a letter, which does not really say the truth. What makes this portrayal of love different than real life relationship is the omission of what would have happened if they actually stayed together. What kind of a dysfunctional relationship would they have if she waited for him to figure it all out without her telling or sharing anything with him?STEP 4. DIAGNOSIS The preferred reading of this text is that people can fall in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together without knowing too much about each other. Love exists even if a couple does not communicate well and makes each other guess and wonder what the other person is thinking.

The oppositional reading suggests that Rick and Ilsa have no common grounds to fall in love because they never shared anything about each other with each other. Rick even mentions that he does not know much about her, but that is the way Ilsa prefers it.The potential harm of this movie to the audience is that it will actual make them believe that this type of no communication is not a problem when two people are in love, that it adds suspense to their romance. This was the first time I watched “Casablanca” and I was really impressed. It had an excellent plot and it kept me engaged the entire time. But at the end of the day it is just a fiction, it does not portray real life and its main purpose is to entertain the audience. STEP 5. DESIGNWhat I would like Ilsa to do is instead of omitting important information about her past to tell Rick the entire story.

She needs to explain to him why she got married in first place, why she thought she really loved her husband and did not know the difference between respect, gratitude and love. That will bring them closer together and let him see a side of her that he got to see only later in the movie. But no matter how realistic this sounds it is not useful for Hollywood representation of romance. It lacks the suspense that every romantic movie should have.The only reconstruction I can think of was in the movie “Away we go” where the two main characters shared their thoughts and desires all the time. They had a healthy relationship because there was no guessing.

STEP 6. DEBRIEFING For many years I believed that making my significant other guess what I was thinking or wanting a base for an interesting and exciting relationship. And I firmly believe that I saw this kind of behavior in movies. Where else would I have gotten it? Hollywood movie studios spend millions of dollars trying to make you believe unrealistic things.That is their job and they are pretty good at it. I became aware of the media influence even before I watched “Casablanca” but the movie helped me better recognize dysfunctional behavior. Looking back on all the times when I did not say what I was thinking because I though my boyfriend should know make me sad.

But I guess it is part of growing and maturing. I am so thankful that I finally realized that saying what you want, what you like and dislike is a key for a successful relationship. STEP 7. DISEMMINATION Now when I am more educated on media literacy I view movies, especially romantic ones with a different eye.I take them for what they are worth – a great entertainment, not a role model. I would say that for a girl my age I was never really unrealistic about love, it might because I was raised in Bulgaria and life is a lot more real there. But this class helped me a lot; it helped me think more in depth about what I see and how movies affect our lives. I will share what I learned with my friends, especially the younger ones who still believe in fairy tails.

I will continue educating myself so I can have a healthy relationship. 3. DISCUSSION OF ONE Rx THAT IS DEMONSTRATED IN THIS FILMOne part I was really impressed with in “Casablanca” is that it shows that having the same values is a vital part of any relationship. Yes, the movie had lots of myths but it did a great job manifesting common values. Ilsa married Victor because they had similar values; they both supported the same revolutionary movement.

She had so much respect for him and vice versa. And that is what kept them together, because when Ilsa had to make a decision in Paris whether to go with Rick or stay with Victor she chose Victor, her husband. At that time she realized only love is not enough, commitment and values are what matter.The end of the movie when Rick sends Ilsa with Victor to America is another example of realistic thinking.

Even Rick realizes that love is not enough. And that is the reason he lets go of Ilsa, even though he is going to be really hurt. Ilsa’s entire life is connected to Victor and she might not be able to see it, but Rick can see it.

He sees that she will not be happy without Victor, that they share values and believes that she cannot live without. 4. ALLURE OF THIS FILM I completely agree with the documentary’s suggestions about the appeal of this film.The creators spent a lot of time and effort on bringing the best possible team together. They wanted to create something different, something that audience would not be able to resist.

The movie touches on many different topics. It is not just a romantic movie; it is a lot more than that. There is a little bit of everything for anyone. There is a love story that is romantic and at the same time intriguing, because of the love triangle.

The patriotism of Victor and the idealism of Rick are highly respected and many people can relate to.The constant danger make the movie thrilling and build a suspense that makes the audience want more and more. And last but not the least important the outstanding choice of actors; especially the three lead ones who instantly became idols for many people all over the world. There is no secret to why “Casablanca” is the #2 movie of all times.

It is a perfect combination between script, acting and directing. There was so much thought put in every detail – from the name to the exact ending. The fact that it was made in 1942 and to this day it still captures audiences around the world speaks for itself.


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