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Last updated: March 27, 2019

Cats vs Dogs               As we allknow dogs and cats can be the most popular pets around the world, but they  have different characteristics that require us as owners todeal with them in different ways.  Dogs and cats can be considered as excellent pets, butdepending on the owner a cat could  easily be considered a better pet than a dog or a dog couldbe considered a better pet than a  cat. In order for anyone to make the right decision oneither pet, it all comes down to  dependency, pleasing, and training.

          Catsare far easier to care for and dogs are typically more responsive to theirowners. Cats  may be independent, but it’s the dependence of a dog thatcatches everyone’s attention when  they own one because they release the love hormone, which iscalled oxytocin. Scientists  discovered that dogs produce such a high level of oxytocinwhen they see their owners. Cats do  too, but not nearly as much.        When choosingbetween a cat or a dog, you want to try and consider how much time you  can dedicate yourself to your pet each day. Dogs requiremore time with their owner than cats  and dogs don’t like to be left home alone like cats do. Dogsare more expensive than cats so you  want to make sure you are willing to spend a higher amountfor a dog.           Dogs require more training than cats do.

Dogsrequire more affectionate and daily walks  1-2 hours a day than cats need. You may train dogs how touse the restroom outside when cats  just know how to use their liter box and can stay insidetheir home their whole lives.  You may train a dog by using your commands of sit, stay,down and with cats you really can’t  use those commands.           At the end of the day each animalrequires a different level of attention and as an owner  you must decide if you want to care for either pet.

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