Causes flu, as well as other infections. By weakening

Causes and Effects of Stress; stress affects your health and spiritLife is becoming more complicated, so people have to solve a lot of things every day.

Work or family pressure could cause a stress for the person. Even though Stress is a normal part of life, it is not only caused by external factors as many people might think and how is everyone has different stress triggers so there are many causes of stress. pressure of work responsible for being stressed out most of the time. You can be stressed because you have worked for long time with high work pressure or got stuck at work or solve a lot of work problems at the same time.

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Besides, you are unhappy in your job or a poor physical working environment, for example, excessive heat or cold, noise, inadequate lighting, uncomfortable seating, malfunctioning equipment. All of these will have a negative effect on your productivity at work and physical health. Not all stress is caused by external factors it could be internal, when worrying excessively about situation may or may not happen or having pessimistic thoughts about life. If our interactions with ourselves and loved ones are always pessimistic, this will probably lead to negative outcome for us and our stresses factors in being under pressure, especially pressure from the family such as, divorce, increase in financial obligations, death of a loved one. Also, high demand positive events contribute in being stressed such as, getting married, moving to a new home. All these above reasons can lead to stress, so what are the effects of stress?¬†stress affects your health by inhibiting the immune system, hormones makes your immune system weaker by reducing your body’s response to external invaders.

People under continuous stress are more susceptible to viral illnesses such as common cold, flu, as well as other infections. By weakening the immune system recovery from an illness or injury will take more time. 

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