Causes of Youth Violence

A certain amount of violence is present in every society. Empires through out time have been created thought violence. However, violent acts are only necessary if the survival of a culture is at stake. In modern America, mass media has twisted the youth point of view in many of life’s aspects.

Violence has not been looked down upon it has instead been glorified. Youth violence stems form the glorification of violence on television, in movies, and on the Internet. Many fictional television programs’ scripts contain enormous quantities of violence. Action shows main character often caries out numerous violent acts throughout an episode.These acts are not looked down upon. Instead the acts are depicted as heroic. Shows like “Walker Texas Ranger” feature multiple fighting scenes.

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These scenes often involve firearms and are very realistic. These “heroes” are not judged by the content of the character but by how severely they mutilate their adversary. Even in dramatic shows violence is prevalent. These shows, although not as flashy, are often more true to life in the violence they depict.

Often they use “dry-humor” to make the violence seem less severe and in some cases even humorous.Reality and News programs both show real-life violence. Shows such as “Cops” feature sixty minutes of real life violence.

Cases of domestic violence, assault, and even murder of shown. Often they manage to depict the criminals not as bad people. Instead they come across as strange and ridiculous even funny people. News programs top stories many times feature violence.

Again they do not properly depict the severity of these acts. Violence is depicted so often on the news that nothing seems shocking anymore and terrible things start to seem normal to viewers.Many movies story lines contain and glorify violence. Much like television shows movies depict acts of violence but on a grander scale. A viewer is sometimes oblivious to the violence that has occurred. Stunning visual effects like explosions or attractive actors or actresses cover up these violent acts. Movies are praised for their ability to entertain. In Saving Private Ryan over one hundred people die in the first forty-five minutes, many in a very realistic and gruesome fashion.

Despite all of it’s violence “Saving Private Ryan” is hailed as one of the greatest movies of all time.Directors have a keen ability to make violence entertaining and in turn pleasing to a viewer. Several movies poke fun at violent acts. Characters in action movies often have dark senses of humor and in turn very likeable personalities.

In Die Hard Bruce Willis kills twenty-one terrorists. Twenty-one murders however are overshadowed by his characters quick wit and dry sense of humor. At the end of the movie he is depicted as a hero. Audiences, especially young ones subconsciously associate humor and popularity with violence. An easily accessed, unregulated Internet provides users infinite windows to glorified violence.

Movies are rated and their ratings are enforced by theaters. Television programs are now rated and that rating is shown at the beginning of programs. The Internet has no such controls or ratings. Any one with a computer and a modem can visit any site they want to. The Internet gives any child who can read and write access to violent material. Not only is violent material on the Internet easy to access several sites provide instructions on how to carry out violent acts. Sites with anarchist cookbook files provide free instruction on how to construct weapons.At www.

anarchary. m an Internet surfer can find free and easy to follow instructions on how to make homemade firearms and even homemade bombs. In addition to instruction they also encourage the malicious use of these weapons. There will always be troubled young people.

Violence will always be present in our society. America’s media must stop the glorification of our societies violence. It is necessary to report violent acts to people in order to educate the public of our societies problems. Media must stop glorifying violence and presenting it in an entertaing form.

Today’s media is confusing Americas youth into believing violence is a form of entertainment.

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