Cell Phones and Social Graces

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Last updated: June 28, 2019

“Cell Phones & Social Graces” Have you ever been driving down the street and noticed a driver using his/her cell phone while driving? In the article “Cell Phones & Social Graces” written by Charles Fisher, examples were given of people using their cell phones in a rude fashion. People using their phones in a selfish behavior can cause a careless way of acknowledgement to their surroundings and others. Cell phones can also work as a distraction being forced away from something that needs our outmost attention.Fisher has given examples of social graces of when to use a cell phone in public, for instance domestic problems were addressed at home and not in public. These types of actions have come to bother those whom are surrounded by selfish behavior and also get distracted. I strongly agree with Fisher that it is not the cell phone that is the problem but how we use them.

Furthermore lack of respect and courtesy from the cell phone user, can cause a world of distractions to those who are nearby. Cell phones being used in a public area can create a distraction to those around them.Fisher has given the example of being at Borders and having a woman argue over her domestic relationship, which included profanity, as she was surrounded by those who were in need for quiet as they browsed. There has been many times where those surrounded by a careless cell phone user have become distracted.

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As a personal experience of being in a movie theater trying to enjoy a movie, you come across a blue lit light coming from the row sitting in front from us which created a distraction while trying to understand the family values from the Lion King movie.Also seeing a driver along the road having there phone glued to their ear, while driving down the 65 mph freeway. A simple reaction caused by the conversation being carried while driving can cause an traffic accident. Let alone being at a restaurant trying to enjoy a nice dinner with the family and having the guy next to you having a loud conversation of how the football game was a boring one.

A personal experience of being on a date and having your date constantly check their phone, going on facebook, and posting all the activities which they have experienced while on the date.Fisher gave great examples of when people use their cell phones in a rude fashion or even in a careless way. These behaviors have come to bother us in trying to have a great night out or simply to grab a few groceries for the week.

For instance, trying to enjoy a dinner with the family at a newly opened sushi bar and catch up on how our week has been, and catch up and enjoy each other can be come interrupted by to have a neighbor having a loud phone conversation of how great his new athlete’s foot lotion is working for him.A personal example has also been meeting up with a long time friend who had moved away from town to have a drink and catch up on each others lives. During our catch up drink my long time friend was constantly interrupted by checking their phone and texting. There have also been a few times driving down the street and seeing the near by driver talking on the phone.

It bothers me seeing a driver talk on the phone since someone very close to me was injured by a driver distracted by their phone.A driver preoccupied with a phone conversation drove on top of the curb and struck my mother, who was walking my little brother to school. A simple phone conversation put two in expecting pedestrians in the hospital. This can happen to anyone either walking or running along the sidewalk, or even a bicyclist. Fisher also gives an example of almost being a victim of a driver on their cell phones who nearly ran him over while he was biking to work. Fisher has good reasons that make a valid point as to why it is not by having a cell phone that creates a problem but by how people choose to use them.I strongly agree with Fisher, that the problem is not the cell phone, but how it is used. Causing distractions to those around us, a rude cell phone user in the middle aisle of Walgreens trying to buy a few medications and having to hear how bad a relationship has become.

Fisher has also given the example in his church family, committing the some of the most odious offenses. While the church was sharing a prayer in there Bible study, who were interrupted by a loud ring tone coming from a lady’s purse.That was followed by a fumbling noise from the lady trying to find the cell phone, and insisting she must take the call and rushes into the hallway as the phone continues to ring. A personal experience has been being at church and sitting next to someone constantly checking their facebook page during service. All of Fishers examples are a clear example of how cell phones are not the problem but how people use them. Therefore I agree with Fishers stand point on cell phone usage. If people learned when it is appropriate to se a cell phone there would be less of a distraction and also less of a safety issue.

We all have had experience with people not knowing the values of having a quiet dinner or by simply being more aware of their surroundings. Drivers creating a controversial safety issue by driving and talking on the phone. Or even trying to enjoy a nice dinner with the family and not having to hear the neighbor talk aloud with profanity. To having a long time friend be distracted by there cell phone while trying to catch up on each others lives.

Or simply walking along the sidewalk and not having to worry about being struck by a distracted driver. Fisher has given clear and good examples on how the cell phone is not the problem but how people are using them. If people learned on when it is proper to use their cell phones I would believe there would be less of a distraction for others, and worries as well.

People will come to learn when it is appropriate to use their cell phone in public, yet it might come by personal experience or by seeing others experience.Where I have learned by personal experience by my mother’s accident and also by not jeopardizing my own family’s life by talking on the cell phone while driving. These experiences have guided me to think twice when to use a cell phone whether it be while driving, having a family dinner, getting together with a long time friend and even by having a loud conversation at a public place. We must all learn to know when it is a wise decision to use a cell phone or by even learn when it is an appropriate time to have a personal conversation.

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