Ch.17 section 1 and 2 world history

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Last updated: April 27, 2019
An intellectual movement called humanism focused on scientific information about the human body
False; humanism focused on literature, philosophy, and history

The renaissance, a movement that started in Germany and lasted 300 years, brought about a growth of creativity in art, writing and thought
False; started in Italy WHY?Mediterranean SeaDominated trade so now richClose to Greece which brought back old scriptsBrought back philosophyChurch in the center

The general emphasis of the renaissance movement was religious
False; emphasis on individual

During the renaissance, patrons of the arts were people who frequented many art festivals
False; during the renaissance, patrons of the art financially supported artists

“Renaissance men” were men who mastered many fields of endeavor

Some renaissance writers wrote in the vernacular , or in the authors native language

The technique of perspective was used by renaissance painters to show 3 dimensions of a flat surface

“The prince”, by Nicole Machiavelli, stated that people are selfish and corrupt, and that a prince should be feared more them loved

How did the styles and techniques of the Italian renaissance spread in the north?
As war dragged on many Italian artists and writers left for safer life in Northern Europe ESPECIALLY FLANDERS

What did the Christian humanism movement focus on?
The focus was the reform of society

What was the renaissance movement called in England and why
Elizabeth age; it was named after queen Elizabeth 1

What were some of the changes brought about by the renaissance period?
Changes in art and changes in society

Book by Thomas more whose title means “no place” in Greek, and has come to mean “ideal place” in English

A craftsman from Germany who created a moveable type printing press that made it possible to print books quickly and cheaply
Johann Gutenberg

One of the first women writers to speak out against the different treatment between boys and girls
Christine de pizan

The most famous Elizabeth writer who wrote with a deep understanding of human beings
William Shakespeare

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