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Last updated: May 1, 2019
Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were:
B) two Italian-born anarchists sentenced to death and executed even though there was doubt as to their guilt

William Jennings Bryan:
A) prosecuted John Scopes in the Dayton, Tennessee, evolution case for teaching evolution

The Scopes trial:
C) concerned a state law that prohibited the teaching of evolution in public schools

Which one of the following is associated with Dayton, Tennessee?
C) the Scopes trial

By the 1910s, the Anti-Saloon League:
B) had become one of the most effective pressure groups in American history

The author of Main Street, a novel about the banality of small-town life, was:
B) Sinclair Lewis

C) blended African and European musical traditions

All of the following could be associated with flappers EXCEPT:
C) Victorian values

Margaret Sanger is best associated with which of the following?
C) birth control

Carrie Chapman Catt was best known for her achievements promoting:
A) women’s suffrage

Which amendment to the constitution gave women the right to vote?
B) Nineteenth

The Universal Negro Improvement Association:
B) was led by Marcus Garvey

The NAACP emphasized:
B) legal action against discrimination

In physics, the theory of relativity was developed and explained by
A) Albert Einstein

The theories of relativity and quantum physics led people to:
B) deny the relevance of absolute values in society at large

Modernists in art and literature came to believe that:
C) the subconscious is more interesting and more potent than reason

The Armory Show in 1913:
B) was a controversial exhibition of modern art

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote of:
B) sad young characters who displayed potential but were ultimately doomed

The Waste Land, a poem that became the favorite of many modernist readers because of its sense of disillusionment and its suggestion of a burned-out civilization, was written by:
A) T. S. Eliot

Modernism waned by the end of the 1920s because:
A) the Great Depression overwhelmed the cultural alienation of the 1920s

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