chador?A covers the hair, neck and the rest

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chador?Afull-length cloak worn by Muslimwomen which covers the hair, neck and the rest of the body down to the floor,but leaves the face open. This item of clothing is most common in Iran, but itcan be seen throughout the world and in most Muslim countries where fullcoverage is not required.Charter of Medina, Constitution of Medina, Medina Charter?A peace treaty drafted bythe Prophet Muhammad to end thefighting and animosity between all the major tribes in the city, including Christians, Jews, Muslims and pagans.

check?The UnitedStates’ spelling of cheque.cheque (US sp. check)?Adocument ordering the payment of money from one bank account into another. Cheques areissued by banks in the form of cheque books to holders of cheque accounts; thecheques come pre-printed with the account holder’s name or names (if it is ajoint account or businesspartnership), account number, sort code and the name of the bank, and eachcheque has its own unique number which can be used to trace individualpayments. The account holder (known as the drawer) fills the cheque in with thename of the payee,the amount (spelt out and in figures) and the date, then gives it to the payee.

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The payee then gives the cheque to the drawee, typically his or her own bank(over the counter, by post or at an ATM) and the drawee will forward thecheque to the drawer’s bank, who will pay the drawee, who will in turn put themoney into the payee’s account. Cheques can sometime be cashed at the drawer’sbank on production of identification, and it is also possible to cash a chequeinstantly at an organisation such as a pawnbroker, who will charge a fee forthe service, partly to cover their risk of the cheque bouncing. One of the advantages of usinga cheque is that it is much more secure than cash because stolen cheques can becancelled and cheques that have been written out can only be of value to thepayee. This is particularly pertinent when sending payments through the post.There has been a gradual reduction in the number of cheques used as morebusinesses and individuals use electronic payment methods, to the degree thatsome commentators see the cheque becoming obsolete.Christ?Literally,the word Christ means ‘annointed one’, which is in reference to the pouring ofoil, perfume or water to symbolise divinity.

The English transliteration led toits meaning ‘messiah’, and this in turn became applied to Jesus, the key earthly figure in Christianity. Jesus,Christ and Jesus Christ are now used interchangeably to mean Jesus Christ, theChristian messiah.Christian?A person whois an adherent of Christianity.

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