Chahat the pollution rate in that particular area.

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Chahat Agarwal ([email protected]), Akshay ([email protected]

com)Department of CSE,Rajalakshmi Engineering College,Chennai  I. LITERATURE SURVEY The belowmentioned are the existing proposed project/paper which are related to ourproject.  This systemimplements a concept of switchingof thevehicle when the pollution goes beyond acriticallevel. Car isrunning on the factor of burning fuels so it’s not appropriate to switch off thevehicle when it creates a pollutant gases. 1The sensorscannot be deployed in the vehiclesAs it mayproduce very high value in ppm.Only byusing a stationary gas sensors to sense the pollution rate of a particular areawe can identify the pollution rate in that particular area. In thissystem the pollution of different places areidentifiedusing a vehicle for every 20km.

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But the problemis that there is no vehicles which are not mobile and for effective pollutionidentification we need a fixed locality monitoring system 2.We need tohave a stationary sensor to sense the values of that particular place, using api board to integrate with the gas sensor we can sense the data in the atmosphereand implement in the cloud for easy access of data. In thisproject they have not mentioned aboutanyparticular device which can be used for sensing the pollution gases. Only the techniquesare implemented. 3We use gassensors to obtain the readings from the pi board. This helps us to read thepollution rate in terms of ppm from the gas sensor and deploy them in the databasefor easy access.

 In thisproject the detection modules are attachedwith asmartphone physically and the monitoringis done. Butin order to incorporate more sensorsor modules asingle mobile is not sufficient. We need amini microcontroller for this purpose. 4. We have used a pi board connectedto a gas sensor to obtain the readings which is sent to the data base, we canuse a smartphone application to access the pollution rate of different areas.       In thisproject a generator section which captures and increase exhaust particles inair from a tower, and travel inside nozzle.

System forlarge-scale, distributed of particulate air pollution using cooling towers.Themain focus is to Captures atmospheric air. 5Weuse gas sensors to senses the atmospheric gasses and process the pollution ratein ppm.Weimplement this in mobile App to show pollution free route. Inthis project an essentially adiabatic process for the crossflow scrubbing ofparticulate material from a gas is disclosed in which the scrubbing liquid isrecirculated without cooling is implemented.Ithas been found possible to achieve nucleation prior to passage of the gas throughthe scrubber units in turn, makes it possible to recycle the scrubbing liquidwhile maintaining it at a constant temperature.

6Weuse the same concept of reading the gas in temperature and analysing the values,but there is no concept of nucleation and removal of particles.Wemonitor it by using pi board with gas sensor. Inthis project the recovery of carbon from the atmospheric gas and process ofcarbon black of a furnace.

It relates to a process of obtaining removal of thecarbon black in liquid medium. 7Wesense the atmosphere using gas sensors. Different gas sensors can sensedifferent atmosphere particles. Using these sensors we can detect the pollutionrate.

 In thisproject it is desired to purify air, the removal of foreign matter from the airin newspaper printing rooms and similar environments. A high floc particle in air alsoaffects normal printing operations. 8Here we donot use any kind of air purifiers to alter the particles of atmosphere.        II.

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