Chaimberlin 1937

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You may be thinking why are we appeasing Germany? What have they done that is so good that they deserve leniency and forgiveness? I hope I will be able to answer your questions. First and fore most, Germany haven’t done anything good enough to get noticed but if you look at the Treaty of Versailles it basically ruined the country and it was too harsh on the Germans. They have suffered immensely since the Treaty was put in place and many of their Citizens have become bankrupt and homeless. It is our duty as a leading power in the world to realize the Treaty was too harsh and show Germany leniency as a form of compensation.I can understand why Germany pulled out of the League and rearmed.

No other power in the world has disarmed and so Hitler felt if no one else is why should we. In a way it is victimisation. With France, the Soviet Union and Italy all surrounding them they will need to be able to defend themselves from any attacks.We also didn’t stop Hitler when he sent troops into the Rhineland. We take some blame for this as we were to busy dealing with the troubles in Abbasynia.

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He had fair reasons for doing this as well since two major powers were surrounding Germany and they couldn’t feel safe.There was a ruling in the Treaty of Versailles that Germany may not reunite with Austria but Hitler tried this anyway. He had a point though. Him being an Austrian he wanted this more than anything and lots of Austrian were in fact Germans. They had a vote where 99.75% of Austrians wanted to reunite with Germany and so they had a right to do so.Appeasement is the best way to go about things. Most of you will remember the Great War and those who do will remember how horrifying it was for all of us, including the Germans.

Relatives passed away, friends died and homes were wrecked. It was the most awful experience in my life and I am sure it was the same for you. If we argue with Germany’s decision to rebuild into a major nation then war may break out. I ask you, do you want repeat of the happenings twenty years ago. I know I don’t and I am sure you feel exactly the same as me.

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