(Chandrashekara, of Library Resources and Services in VTU

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(Chandrashekara, J. et al.,2010) carried out a study based on the “Researchers Opinion about Effectiveness of Library Resources and Services in VTU Research Center Libraries, India: A Study” from that study understood that researcher visit the library to prepare the documents for research purposes. The study also investigates that users has observed on usage were 55.

1% Print Journals, 47.5% Books, 41.9% e-journals, 47% of the Thesis/ Dissertation/Project Resource, 57.21% Conference/workshop/Seminars proceedings resources, 53.9% Abstract and Indexing resources were effective, while Government Publications, Patents/Standards Resources and CD ROM database resources documents were found to be ineffective in library services where it arrived to around e-books 89%, Government Publications 64%, Patents/ Standards Resources 77%, CD ROM databases resources 73%. The researcher observed that the overall effectiveness is good considering the VTU research center libraries.(Khan, A.M.

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,2012) conducted a study to examine user perception regarding level of satisfaction with the library collection, organization, facilities as well as traditional and Information Technology enabled services. The study investigates different user’s perceptions of library effectiveness with regard to a wide range of factors such as resources, services, and activities. And it was found that which have adequate infrastructure facilities and adequate collections were considered more effective.

Those respondents who visited the library for research purposes and classroom instructions gave slightly better assessments of their library. Though user response was not always satisfactory, library effectiveness in the four central universities are adequate enough based on levels of user satisfaction. The reason for this dichotomy may be that the users of the  universities studied did not rate their existing services by fixed standards that make them aware of other aspects of efficiency and effectiveness. An the overall primary users of library are the research scholars.

The newly centralized universities are not able to accommodate every research scholar’s wishes  for all services, which may account for for the satisfactory responses

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