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Last updated: February 6, 2019

The world is in constant change and businesses are no exception. Organizations are tools for conducting business and getting things done.

Many factors influence the way an organization is driven to conduct changes; technological improvements, new Inventiveness, project-based working or teams, and Increased competition to name a few. Traditional pyramid shaped organizations adhering to the old style tend to be slow and Inflexible.Today an organization must balance between cost, quality and peed, To do this the organization must be leaner and more flexible, embracing total quality management principles (TXT). This would mean the organization has become customer focused, dedicated to continuous Improvement and learning and structured around teams.

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Large organizations using TXT along with computerized Information technology can mimic the speed and flexibility of small organizations.Just as Chrysler, under the direction of Robert Lutz, changed Chrysler from a traditional departmentally structure to a cross functional team structure, Crystal loud also change from its departmentally structure to a cross functional team structure centered on specific services or product lines (See Appendix A). Differentiation and integration are two forces that can hinder organizational effectiveness if not balanced properly.Differentiation is specialized units or divisions of labor within the organization such as; computer programming, engineering, marketing and sales. Excessive differentiation can cause an organization to become inefficient due to miscommunication, conflicts and politics. Differentiation should be offset by an opposing structural force called integration. Integration occurs when different departments or specialized units cooperate to achieve a common goal. ? can be achieved through various combinations of the following six mechanisms: 1) a formal hierarchy; 2) standardized policies, rules and procedures; 3) differentiations; 4) committees and cross functional teams;5) the fly due to the constant change.When asked how to get people motivated for change, he responded with the following; ?,? Involve employees in change. Start with explaining why change needs to take place and share the vision of where going.

The more people are involved with the change process the stronger they strive for the success of the outcome. ?,? Reinforce change positively. Once you tell people of the coming changes, watch what they are doing, find examples of the individual behavior you are looking for and reward people. ?,? Always display your passion. The more senior you are, the more critical it is for your passion to be seen and understood. People take their measure of trust and confidence through you. Brian Enemies works nonstop on ways to get the right employees and to prepare them to evolve with the changing industry and company. (Smart Business Northern California [ISBN], 2008) Crystal should involve its employees in the changing organization.

Explain why change is necessary and share ten vowels AT winner ten organization Is anemia .Nine relocate Uninominal Demeanor with rewards that will confirm which behavior is desired. The leaders at Crystal need to be passionate about the future of the organization. Displaying a positive attitude will encourage others to be positive as well. Appendix E Bally Total Fitness Synopsis Carjacker Kelly Bally Total Fitness is the largest and only nationwide commercial operator of fitness centers, with approximately four million members and 440 facilities located in 29 states, and Sports Clubs.Bally offers a unique platform for distribution of a wide range of products and services targeted to active, fitness-conscious adult consumers.

In addition to the specific initiatives, Bally has also invested in excess of $200 million in facility and equipment upgrades throughout its system over the past four years, including nearly 20,000 pieces of new, state-of-the-art exercise equipment. Not only hat, but the company has also invested aggressively in the development of innovative fitness programming for members both in group exercise and one-on-one training settings.These investments have also contributed significantly to the growing level of satisfaction registered by Ball’s members as evidenced through the company’s increased member renewal rate. Although, Bally Total Fitness mission states; to improve health and quality of life for people through personalized, and accessible wellness programs. The company has to find ways to offer new product offerings to keep up with the vastly growing fitness industry.

In order to build a throng foundation has continued to expand its operations.Building a strong foundation includes closing some of the less profitable centers, redesigning other existing centers, and building newly designed facilities. New clubs were built with more space for weight machines and cardiovascular areas and less space for the lesser-used swimming pools and basketball and racquetball courts.

The new design cost 60 percent less to build, while providing space for 40 percent more people. With these plans in place, and if revenues from memberships and other products continue to grow the fitness centers will operate more effectively and efficiently.Bally Total Fitness will move closer to being the biggest operator of fitness centers in not only quantity, and quality as well. “As we create a solid foundation for the future, continuing to build a top seasoned executive team is critical to our success,” said Paul Tobacco, President of Bally Total Fitness. “Looking ahead, we’ll continue to place a strong emphasis and investment in our people at all levels and areas of the organization – in hiring, training and retaining quality employees who will help Bally assist us in generating ‘best in class’ results.

“The environmental aspects considered for Bally Total Fitness audit are demographics, markets and competition. Demographic trends show that the older segments of the United States, ages 45-65 are growing the fastest. The marketing team will need to target the age range consumers that have the most effect on the market.

An estimated 50 million people will be members to a fitness center in Just two years, the year 2010. This is due to an increased desire towards healthy living. The general population is becoming more aware of the benefits of exercise to promote health and wellness.

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