Chapter 14 Key terms

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Why was it difficult to eliminate slavery throughout the country?
It was was easy to condemn slavery in principle but very difficult to develop a practical program to eliminate it without defying the Constitution

The U.S. Constitution: what does it say regarding slavery?
Constitution was used as a binding contract between slave and free states and were likely to be prejudiced against blacks and northerners were reluctant to accept large numbers of them as free citizens

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What was the Wilmot Proviso?
In 1846, shortly after outbreak of the Mexican-American War, congressman David Wilmot of Pennsylvania introduced this controversial amendment stating that any lands won from Mexico would be closed to slavery

What is meant by Popular Sovereignty?
The concept that the settlers of a newly organized territory have the right to decide whether or not to accept slavery with voting.

What was the Compromise of 1850?
This series of five congressional statutes temporarily calmed the sectional crisis.

Among other things, the compromise made California a free state, ended the slave trade in the District of Columbia, and strengthened the Fugitive Slave Law

What was the Fugitive Slave Law? What were its provisions?
Passed in 1850, this federal law made it easier for slaveowners to recapture runaway slaves it also made it easier for kidnappers to take free blacks. The law became an object of hatred in the North.

Kansas-Nebraska Act: What was it? Who introduced it? What did it repeal? Why were Northerners so opposed to it?
This 1854 act repealed the Missouri Compromise, split the Louisiana purchase into two territories, and allowed its settlers to accept or reject slavery by popular sovereignty. This act enflamed the slavery issue of conspiracy to extend it and led opponents to form the Republican Party. The act was introduced by Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinois

What is meant by “Bleeding Kansas”?
It was the border war in between that erupted between prowl avert and antislavery forces

What was the Ostend Manifesto? Why was the North so concerned regarding it?
Written by American officials in 1854, this secret memo- later dubbed a “manifesto” – urged the accusation of Cuba by any means necessary. When it became public, northerners claimed it was a plot to extend slavery and the manifesto was disavowed

What was the intended message of Southern literature during the 1840s and 1830s?
The notion that planter “cavaliers” we’re superior to money-grubbing Yankees was the message that most southerners derived from the homegrown literature

Dred Scott v.

Sandford (1857): What was it? What issue brought this case to the Supreme Court? What were the two key rulings?

Dred Scot was a Missouri slave who sued for his freedom, he proclaims that he lived above the Missouri Compromise where slavery had been outlawed. The key rulings included African Americans were not considered citizens of the U.S. So therefore Scots case mushed. The S.

court also mentioned that if even though Scott were a citizen, His residence in the Wisconsin territory granted him no right to freedom because of the fact congress had no power to prohibit slavery there.

What is the significance of Uncle Tom’s Cabin? Who wrote it? (refer to the book and the video from class
Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote the book and the significance was that it shed light to Northerners about the horror of slavery

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