Chapter 15 Study Guide Questions

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Last updated: April 22, 2019
How did literature aid the Antislavery movement?
Injustices and cruelty and this was highlighted by the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

How did the issue of slavery promote sectionalism?
It favored certain interests over the interests of a country.

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Who were the candidates in the presidential election of 1852? What issues did each support?
Franklin Pierce and Winfield Scott. Winfield Scott supported the compromise of 1850.

Franklin Pierce supported slavery.

How did the Kansas-Nebraska Act lead to growing hostility between pro slavery and Antislavery supporters?
There was a conflict of where to build the train. This act would eliminate the Missouri Compromise.

This allowed the people to vote. There were many protests between pro slavery and Antislavery. People from the south went over the border to Kansas-Nebraska Territory to vote.

Who was Dred Scott, and why was his case important?
Dred Scott was an enslaved man who sued for his freedom after his slaveholder died. His case was so important because he was trying to fight for freedom.

How were political parties affected by the debate over slavery.
It split some Whigs and Democrats to form the Republican Party. It also killed off the Whig Party. Some Whigs and Democrats joined joined the American Party.

Why did the southern states secede, and what was the North’s response?
Southern states seceded because they felt that even though Lincoln said that he wouldn’t discontinue slavery but he wouldn’t let it expand.

They thought that it was effect there way of life and there economy. The North’s response was they didn’t want to start a war.

Why did the the results of the election of 1860 anger southerners?
Lincoln didn’t campaign in any of their regions and did not carry any southern states and they felt they were losing their national political Party.

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