Chapter 15

Edgar Allen Poe
A dark writer whose genres included poetry, horror stories, and detective fiction was

the suppression of selfishness
According to John Humphrey Noyes, founder of the utopian Oneida Community, the key to happiness is

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it encouraged women to enter into professions normally reserved for men in order to make these professional more ethical and morally upright.

All of the following contributed to the appeal of the Second Great Awakening to women excep

was not as large, democratic, or influential in terms of social reform as the First Great Awakening.
All the following are true of the Second Great Awakening except that it

all of the above
Asone the greatest of the revivalist preachers, Charles Grandison Finney advocated -opposition to slavery. -a perfect Christian kingdom on earth. -opposition to alcohol. -public prayer by women

voting as a religious bloc and openly drilling their militia, alebit for defensive purposes.
Besides polygamy, characteristic behavior(s) of Mormons which angered many non-Mormon Americans in the 1840s was their

By the 1850s, the crusade for women’s rights was eclipsed by

that a Supreme Being endowed human beings with a capacity for moral behavior
Deists like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin endorsed the belief

lacked much intellectual vitality.
Many of the denominational liberal arts colleges founded as a result of the Second Great Awakening

A-3, B-2, C-4, D-1
Match each writer below with his work.

A. Nathaniel Hawthorne B. James Fenimore Cooper C.

Herman Melville D. Henry David Thoreau 1. Walden2. The Last of the Mohicans3. The Marble Faun4. Moby Dick

prison and asylum reform
New England reformer Dorothea Dix is most notable for her efforts on behalf of

a stronger religious influence in many areas of American life including abolitionism and benevolent and charitable organizations.
Religious revivals of the Second Great Awakening resulted in

The Hudson River school excelled in the art of painting

the Burned-Over District in New York
The Mormon religion originated in

Joseph Smith
The original prophet of the Mormon religion was

an inner light
Transcendentalists believed that all knowledge came through

free will and salvation through good works.
Unitarians endorsed the concept of

?Continuing vicious hostility by non-Mormon Americans including the murder of Mormon leader Joseph Smith and his brother
Which of the following events prompted the Mormons to abandon their settlement at Nauvoo, Illinois and set out West to the valley of the Great Salt Lake?

more reliant on women as members and social reformers.
The Second Great Awakening partly reshaped American religion by making it

stemmed from the hard, struggling, and monotonous life of many American men and women
The excessive consumption of alcohol by Americans in the 1800s

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