Chapter 5 Short Stories Arguing about Literature

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Last updated: May 5, 2019
tells all

short stories
tells as little as dares

plot and structure

one incident after another, a situation or chain of events in which there are reasons why characters behave the way they do, not always make cause and effect immediately clear.2. begins a story with an ACTION, followed by some BACKGROUND information (DEVELOPMENT), then moves the plot forward in time through a major turing point (CLIMAX), then to some sort of resolution (ENDING).

point of view
told from a particular character’s perspective; can be an omniscient narrator

the people within the story

the location of the story and characters, characters are located in a particular place

interpret a particular image, may appear in the form of metaphors or other figures of speech, appeal to the reader’s visual sense, they are things you can picture in your mind

title-just as important as text, predominant style-feature various tones, dialects, vocabularies, and level of formalities= often told in first person, and dialogue- characters may provide necessary background for reader

the main claim it seems to make; can be identified as an assertion, a proposition, or a statement; to make a claim that require support

a point when at least one character commits a significant act, experiences a significant change, makes a significant discovery, learns a significant lesson, or all

1st person
you have to decide how much to accept the narrator’s point of view, keeping in mind that the narrator may be psychologically complex

a particular character that seems to have the focus

the person the protagonist is in notable conflict with

an image representing some concept or concepts

to trace how evidence is patterned, and how it relates to others

going beyond first impression; carefully noting text’s ideas, techniques, and effects

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