Chapter chapter takes place on October 9, 2012. In

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Chapter 20: Who is Malala?(pages 236 to 244)- This chapter takes place on October 9, 2012. In this chapter Malala is going home from school on her bus after doing exams when the bus is stopped by two young men who ask “Who is Malala”, and then shoot her. The man shot three bullets the first goes through her eye socket and out her shoulder, while the other two bullets hit the ear and shoulder of the girls next to her.Chapter 21: “God, I Entrust Her to You”(pages 245 to 260)- In this chapter the doctors at the nearby clinic are beyond any doubt that the bullet didn’t cause Malala any brain harm, and the Taliban takes full obligation for the shooting.Chapter 22: Journey into the Unknown(pages 261 to 274)- In this chapter Malala is moved to a higher-up intensive care unit since infections and other complications could threaten her conditions.

Chapter 23: “The Girl Shot in the Head, Birmingham”(pages 275 to 289)- In this chapter it tells us how a week later, Malala becomes alert. Her key concerns become her family and how they will pay for her treatments. She is overwhelmed by the love and support of the people from all over the world.Chapter 24: “They Have Snatched Her Smile”(pages 290 to 302)- In this chapter it tells us how the bullet injured a nerve in Malala’s face, causing a lifelong injury to her smile. The government pays for all of Malala’s clinic bills and rents an apartment for the family. Malala is grateful to to have survived and will go on to proceed doing incredible things.Epilogue: One Child, One Teacher, One Book, One Pen…,(pages 303 to 314)- The epilogue briefly covers what happened after these occasions. The family moved from their apartment to a house, but it was troublesome for all of them to alter.

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Malala’s mother missed the ladies from back home, and still did not talk English. Malala started going to school in Birmingham, and her father went through most of his time going to conferences on education. Malala every so often had flashbacks of the shooting, one in specific when she went to Mecca, Islam’s most sacred city, and supplicated at the Kaaba. On her sixteenth birthday in 2013 she talked at the United Nations. She said she knows she will go back to Pakistan at some point, but that her father proceeds to make pardons for why she cannot. The circumstance in Pakistan declines each day, with increasingly schools being blown up.

Ramble assaults and wars have moreover taken their toll. For Malala, in spite of the fact that, her valley is still the most lovely put in the world. She closes the epilogue with the line, “I am Malala. My world has changed but I have not”.

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