CHAPTER coding.Identifying the dataSelecting and picking the data

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CHAPTER IIIRESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Design This research use a qualitative research method to analyze data from novel The Kill Order by James Dashner.

Shodiq (2003) states that qualitative research does not include any calculation and inferential statistic. Moleong (1991:11) says that methodology qualitative as procedure the result of descriptive data in the form of written or oral words from person or activity which is researched. This research also belongs to descriptive study since it just collects and analyzes the conspiracy theories in The Kill Order Novel.Data Collection Procedure The steps of collecting data are as follows: firstly, the writer reads the novel several times thoroughly. And then she takes the most important point to be the subject matter which in this case conspiracy in James Dashner  Novels, In this step the writer also selects the data which are relation with the pupose of the study. Then, the writer  makes the novel as the primary source of data. Secondly, the writer also consults to her advisory lecturers to ask for some guidance in writing this thesis.

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Finally, the writer collects all the data that support her subject matter. The writer takes the sources of the references of the several books, dictionaries and Internet which have relationship to the subject matter. She formulated the idea regularly into so called thesis.

In this step, she also arranges the data systematically in accordance with the problem of the study.Data Analysis Procedure After collecting the data,next step is how to make Data Analysis Procedure. There are some steps in doing data analysis, they are: Read the novel, by reading the novel the researcher will gain deeper understanding about the story of the novel.Drawing the notes or coding.Identifying the dataSelecting and picking the data up which related with the problems.Finally conducting and analyzing the collected data and drawing a conclusion from the analysis.Time and Place of Research Time is an important element of any research design, the researcher will conduct this  research in March 2017.

The location of the research will be focused in the library.3.5 Research Schedule Based on the research necessary in order to prepare the theory which related to the study, researcher collects all data and refernces from many sources..   Researcher collect data in the library to analyze the research, collect information from books, journals, articles, and other resources in the library. Researcher started to collect theories, read the novel to collect data, analyze, and make conclusions. This study does not require direct interviews or investigations, this study is result of the interpretation of researcher.

Research schedule as follows:Table 3.5 Research SchedulleNo.ActivitiesMarchAprilMayJune1.Planning research design2.Collecting the data3.Analyzing the Data4.Getting Conclusion and revision3.

6 Data Source The Data Source for thus research is novel called The Kill Order by James Dashner.3.7 Organization Chapter I in this research will discusses about Background of study, Problem of study, Purpose of study, Scope of study, and Significances of study. In chapter II discusses about Literature review, and chapter III the researcher will be talking about related to research method, which will be explain about research design, location of research, data collection procedure, data analysis procedure, time and place of study, and organization. Chapter IV is the discussion that contains the findings, and the last chapter V is about the conclusion of the research.


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