CHAPTER living in slums. It’s very common to

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Last updated: July 19, 2019

CHAPTER 5- CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION – 5.1 Chapter introduction –In this chapter, conclusion and recommendations will be presented. The conclusion will summarize the findings and data analysis. Its objectives were to analyze the current social and economic positioning of slums in India; to define sustainable affordable housing in the context of “housing for all project 2022”; to investigate the impact of “housing for all mission” on India’s economy; to evaluate the perceptions of the residents within the slums on the government’s project “housing for all by 2022′; to evaluate the perceived impact of this project on their lives socially and economically. A questionnaire and interviews were organized from the people those have been living in slums. Mixed method research strategy was utilized.

  50 people from local slum community have participated in the questionnaire survey, while the structured interviews were facilitated with 5 people from the same area to justify the results of questionnaire survey results.  5.2 CONCLUSION –The main conclusions are as follows: •    Living conditions of people living in slums is not good because of lack of basic facilities in slums such as sanitation, clean drinking water, security etc. in slums mostly people work as a labor in factories, industries and construction sites or they have small business, their income is very low because these people are uneducated and don’t know any other work to do.

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However, they want to give better education to their children. •    Health, education, and employment are the main three challenges people are facing while living in slums. It’s very common to have health problems in slums because of the of living conditions, children of slum dwellers cant have a proper diet and because of the living conditions, they have health problems from a young age that affects education as well.

 •    In slums, everyone is not familiar with this project, still, there are some people those don’t have whole information about this project and still think this is just the rumors. •    People in slums believe this project will help them to provide better living conditions such as clean drinking water, proper sanitation, and drainage system, playground for children, 24-hour electricity. However, still, some people think this project will not give better living conditions because of corruption in India. •    Socially and economically result of this project in future is good, this project will help to provide good lifestyle and living conditions that will help in many ways such as: decrease health problems and slum dwellers don’t have to spend money on medication, people can get employment from this project, children can focus on education by not getting health problems. •    There are still some challenges for government according to the Slum dwellers they are worried about some future situations such as relocation of families from current housing location to new one because they have been living in this area for decades they will miss their locality and this area, transport cost and time to reach their jobs, schools, city center.

The new location will affect their business, and they have to start their business from the beginning. 5.3 Recommendations – The results of this study demonstrate that still there are many people in slums those don’t have information about this project government should do more advertisement about this project and project managers should organize community meetings and discuss their plan of this project with the people those are living in slums.

Project managers need to provide them good quality of materials that will last longer and provide them good living conditions such as proper drainage and sanitation system, clean drinking water, playgrounds for children, Project managers should read and discuss different case studies of slums redevelopment and sustainable affordable housing projects that gives them a better idea and help them to decide better options and make this project successful.The government should organize training classes in different fields for the people those are uneducated and don’t have experience for any other work, this will help them to learn something they want to do and find a different and better job.Project managers should discuss every detail of this project with slum dwellers such as the location of the new site, design and plan of this project, expected completion date of this project and a 3D walkthrough of this project that will help them to understand about this project and they won’t think this is just rumors anymore.Project managers, engineers, and architects should design and construct this project by discussing the requirements for slum dwellers. The government should help people those by proving loan to start their business from the beginning and run low price bus services to go city centers, jobs, and schools.

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