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CHAPTER IINTRODUCTION 1.1.Background of StudyLiterary works havebeen an element that sticks with the development of human history.

It growsalong with civilization and is still growing more and more, along with the developmentof the era. It dates back far into the ancient Greek and is still an importantelement to the society in this modern era.Prose is one of theform of this important element that sticks with human history.

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From its firstmaking back in the ancient age, until to this very day of the modern era, prosehas never ceased to exist among the lives of human. It serves as a form ofstudy, but it also serves as a tool of entertainment for the society.Prose can be dividedinto many forms. There are short stories, biographies, novels, and many more.Novels, especially, are what have provided various knowledge and givenentertainment to people. Novels offer a whole new world in the form of story,giving people a figure to relate to, as well as a person to learn from.As the societydevelops, so does the style of novels.

People can now see various differentgenres of novels which can be picked freely by people. The existence ofbookstores also made the people’s access to novels easier, along with theexistence of libraries, as well as the internet. And as it comes with differentgenres, it will also come with different plots, unique to each novels thatexisted.In this paper, thewriter wanted to pick up the topic of the plot of a certain novel, titled Violet Evergarden. Violet Evergarden is a novel from a Japanese author, named AkatsukiKana.

It was translated into english by x0401x Group, and the translatedversion is the one that the writer picked for this paper. Thus, the papertitled “Plot of the Novel VioletEvergarden by Akatsuki Kana” was written. The reason for why the writerdecided to write on this topic was because the writer was touched by the storythe novel offers and the fact that the novel is the writer’s most favoritenovel.  1.2.Problem FormulationThepaper contains two questions :1.

      Whatis the plot of the novel VioletEvergarden?2.      Whathappened to Violet in the end of the story of the first volume of the novel Violet Evergarden? 1.3.Scope and LimitationThescope of the study will be the novel VioletEvergarden by Akatsuki Kana. The limit of the study will be the plot of thestory, and will be limited to the first volume of the novel. 1.

4.GoalsThegoals of the paper allign with the question mentioned earlier, which are :1.      Toknow and understand the plot of the novel VioletEvergarden2.     To know what happened to the maincharacter, Violet Evergarden, in the end of the story of the first volume ofthe novel Violet Evergarden.            CHAPTER IITHEORITICAL FRAMEWORK 2.

1.OverviewThe chapter willdiscuss about the theories that support the writer with the research the writermade. The theories will be supporting the idea of the term “plot”, which is thekey element of the paper.  2.2.Definition of PlotPlot is a series ofevents that forms together, threading, and making a pattern which theneventually makes up a story. It is a sequence of events that can be percieved chronologically,through cause and effects, or however the reader views the story to be fit forthem.

According to Perrine (1974:41), plot is the sequence of incident orevents which the story is composed and it may conclude what character says orthinks, as well as what he does, but it leaves out a description and ananalysis and concentrates ordinarily on major happening. In other words, plotconsists of incident or events which are connected in a sequence, chronologically,and makes up a story.But as the society develops, the generaldefinition of plot being incident or events which are connected chronologically would translate as excludingmany different stories that didn’t follow the rule of time sequence, Violet Evergarden being a real exampleof this exclusion. According to Stanton (1965:14), theplot is story that contains the sequences of events, but each incident is onlyconnected in cause and effect, an event which caused or led to the occurrenceof other events. Thus, the general idea of plot is incident or events which areconnected through the sense of cause and effect, meaning the happening of acertain event is able to cause or lead to another set of events.2.

3.Parts of PlotParts of plot can bedivided into seven parts based on the model of Freytag’s Pyramid. They are,respectively, Exposition, Inciting Incident, Rising Action, Climax, FallingAction, Conclusion, and Denouement. 2.3.1. ExpositionExposition is where thesettings of the world in a prose is explained. It explains about all thebackground information of that world to the readers so that the readers areable to catch a full-grasp about the situation of that world and understand thestory.

There are several waysto convey the exposition of the story. There are forms such as prologues, theexplanation about events happening before the main story, narratives,explanation done by the writer telling about the situation of the world, orcharacters, which can be done by dialogues or thoughts of the characters withinthe story.2.3.2.

IncitingIncidentInciting Incident is aspecific event that broke the balance from what that have been explained in theExposition. This specific event is what started the story of the certain proseand what set the world of that story in motion.2.3.3. Rising ActionRising Action is aseries of events that builds up the tension of the story.

For example, if thestory was a fantasy story, the main character would went on a journey to savehis lover and the Rising Action would be about his journeys before reaching thepoint where he saved his lover. He might powers up during that journey or mightencounter new friends before reaching the Climax, where he fought the evilmastermind and saved his lover.2.

3.4. ClimaxClimax is the peak ofthe story.

It is the turning point of the story which marks that the story isprogressing towards its end soon. The Climax is where all the exciting eventsof the story occured and a big part for the main character of a story to decidean important decision, which will also decide the way the story will progressand how it will eventually end.2.3.5. Falling ActionFalling Action is aseries of events after the Climax that leads the story towrads its Conclusion.

It uncovers the explanation of previous events one by one and also signals thatthe story is soon reaching its final end.2.3.6. ConclusionConclusion is where thestory come to a close. It is where the goal of the story has already beenachieved and it is the first phase of entering a new balanced state of theworld in that certain story.2.

3.7. DenouementDenouement is anextension of the ending that has occured in the Conclusion. Denouement is anoptional part for the readers which content is vague, but might hint somethingfor the readers.

It doesn’t show a clear event but it was meant as anentertainment for the readers to think of what will happen after being shownthe scene by the writer. It makes the reader wonder whether it is a hint for analternative ending, or it might even be a foreshadow to what will happen after.          CHAPTER IIIRESEARCH METHOD 3.1.

MaterialThe material of theresearch is a light novel written by a Japanese author, Akatsuki Kana, titled Violet Evergarden. The story is aboutthe existence of Auto-Memories Doll, mechanical dolls that were meant toregister everything that was said by a human voice, or so it was meant to bewhen it was first built. As time passes by, the existence of Violet Evergarden,the main heroine of the story, changed the readers’ perception of mechanicaldolls. Violet is but an ordinary girl, whose background was not revealed untilthe end of the story.

She was a human, but yet a doll. She had a heart, but yetcouldn’t grasp emotions. The story, is about her, about Violet Evergarden.3.2.Type of ResearchThe type of researchconducted by the writer is qualitative research. The purpose is to explain whathappened in each chapter of the novel VioletEvergarden.3.

3.DataThe data required tofinish the research was obtained from the novel Violet Evergarden by Akatsuki Kana. The data presented in the paperis given in the form of sentences cut directly from the Englih version of Violet Evergearden.3.

4.Data CollectionThe process of datacollection starts after the writer has decided on the field that is wanted tobe focused on, which is Plot, and the story, Violet Evergarden. Before collecting the data, the writer had tore-read the book again, before actually picking the datas required for thepaper.

                 3.5.Data AnalysisAfterthe data has been collected, the next step is then to group the data into sixgroups. The number of groups is the same as the number of chapter the novelhas. After grouping the data, then analysis of the selected topic is thencontinued.                                   CHAPTER IVANALYSIS 4.1.

PrologueThe prologue of thestory was about the origins of where Auto-Memories Doll originated from andwhat Auto-Memories Doll do. The first inventor of these mechanical dolls wasDr. Orlando. He had a wife, who was a novelist, but turned blind. Seeing herdepressed wife, Dr.

Orlando created the first ever Auto-Memories Doll, meantfor registering everything said by the human voice, for her wife.However, the creationof the Auto-Memories Doll was meant to be for his wife only, but it was foundthat it helped a lot of people and thus was mass-produced and sold at areasonably low price.4.2.Chapter 1 – The Playwright and the Auto-Memories DollTurning into chapter 1,the story introduced a troubled playwright who lives in a city called Roswell.

Oscar was a playwright who lived with his lovely wife and their beautiful onlydaughter. It was a happy little family until suddenly the wife passed awaybecause of blood illness. Oscar was shocked, but managed to live on thefollowing years because of his daughter remaining beside him, along with hiswife’s best friend to help out taking care of the daughter. As if one wasn’tenough, fate came to test Oscar once more. His remaining family member, hisdaughter, was struck with an incurable decease. Oscar desperately searched fora cure, but no doctor was able to help him. It was not long after that hisdaughter met the same fate of his wife. He wasted the following years withalcohol and drugs, until one day, a friend of his brought news about a servicecalled Auto-Memories Doll.

The first appearance ofViolet Evergarden was her being hired by the depressed playwright, Oscar. Here,the perception of Auto-Memories Doll are mechanical dolls are blown away by theappearance of Violet Evergarden.  “Her soft, braided hair was held by adark-red ribbon, while her slim body was wrapped in a snow-white ribbon-tiedress.

Her silk pleated skirt swayed neatly as she walked, the emerald broochon her chest glittering in sparkles. The jacket she wore over the dress was ofa contrasting Prussian blue. Her long leather boots, worn for practicality,were a deep cocoa brown.” (chapt. 1, pg. 11) “The woman named Violet Evergarden was a figure as reticent and charmingas an ordinary doll.

Her blue irises, partially covered by golden locks, shonelike the ocean, with cherry blossom pink-tinted cheeks over milky-white skinand glossy, lustrous rouge lips. A woman with a fairness akin to the full moon,not lacking in anything.”(chapt. 1, pg 12). Violet Evergarden, a livingAuto-Memories Doll.

Violet was a dazzlingwoman, but there was one peculiar trait she showed during the progress ofchapter 1. She would only act accordingto orders given, but she will act accordingly and precisely as the commandorders.Chapter 1 introducedViolet as who she is, and how she helped her client overcome their clients, andthen leaving as the contract period of work has ended.4.3.

Chapter 2 – The Girl and the Auto-Memories DollChapter 2 introducedthe readers with a different client. The client in this chapter was a motherand her daughter. The mother only lives with her sole daughter, and they werereally close. They would often play together, shop together, and do many thingstogether. One day, the mother hired the Auto-Memories Doll service to write awhole bunch of letters.The one who got sent toanswer the client was Violet Evergarden.

After Violet’s arrival, the motherwould stay in her room alone with Violet, leaving her daughter with a lingeringconfusion. She thought that Violet was taking her mother from her. Until onetime, Ann, the little girl, decided to lash out on Violet for taking her motheraway from her. But, Ann calmed down soon after. Here, Violet told Ann moreabout her work.

She would bring weaponswith her as she might even be sent to conflict zones. Ann started to knowbetter about Violet and later became friends with each other.After finishing herwork, Violet would then went away to her next destination to answer anotherclient.4.4.

Chapter 3 – The Soldier and the Auto-Memories DollChapter 3 was about aboy who was forced to join the military because of national law. The situationwas grim, as his friend back from his hometown has already died, and he was onthe run. During the run, he got shot and he was on the verge of dying. Rightthen, the Auto-Memories Doll service agent, Violet Evergarden, arrived. Thischapter shows that Violet Evergarden issomeone capable of doing combat with armies, and are not hesitant to killpeople. As to why Violet came to save the boy, it was back when the boy,Aiden, lost a bet back at the camp before sortie.

The loser of the bet mustcall the Auto-Memories Doll company to see whether is it true or not that theywill stand up to their motto “will rushanywhere anytime to provide service.” Felt like it was a dream, Aiden askedViolet to write him a single piece of letter, before eventually died because ofbloodloss.4.5.Chapter 4 – The Scholar and the Auto-Memories DollIn chapter 4, like,other chapters, introduced the appearance of a new client.. He was a scholar at a very young age, as well as anorphan. His name is Leon.

In the chapter, the company Leon is working with iscurrently facing a big trouble. The company name is Shaher, and they deal witha lot of old literature books regarding astrology. Right at that time, thenumber of the manuscripts recieved was too much for them to handle, as theywere only manned with 80 personels. The work load however, with 80 peopleworking non-stop without breaks in a year, the work still won’t be finished.Thus, the company hired the Auto-Memories Doll service. 80 of them came, andViolet Evergarden was one of them, even if she as only a substitute for her co-workerwho was delayed with a time of one week due to tehnical problems.

Here, it wasshown that there are others like Violet, meaning there are a lot of humanAuto-Memories Doll agents.80 Shaher personels and80 Auto-Memories Doll agents, they worked together forming a pair and dealtwith the immense amount of work in one month time. That was the plan, butViolet will only stay for one week as she was only substituting for herco-worker. Leon, the young scholar, ended up with Violet. As the story goes, itis revealed that Leon has a woman-complex and can’t stand girls.

But he fell inlove with Violet and eventually confessed. But, Violet can’t accept his love.Violet is someone that can’t percieve emotions well, as if she doen’tunderstand them, but she has someoneimportant and very special to her. Leon was upset, but he didn’t gave up.He promised to grow up better and also promised to sometime meet again withViolet.

Violet then went home.  4.6.Chapter 5 – The Prisoner and the Auto-Memories DollIn chapter 5, Violetrecieved an order from a prisoner. Turns out that the prisoner, an ex-militant,knew about Violet’s past. She was anex-militant and had a superior. She was clingy to her superior. She alsoconfessed that he was an assassin.

(chapt. 5, pg. 114)Chapter 5 was a shortchapter showcasing a mentally-illed ex-militant named Edward. He hired Violetjust to meet her, seeking salvation in seeing how another ex-militant and akiller other than him can actually live peacefully after the war. The time ofhiring the service was short, and after a few talks with Violet, he wassatisfied.

Violet then left the prion, and went back to her office.4.7.Chapter 6 – The Major and the Automated Assassin DollChapter 6 is the mainchapter of the novel.

It is about the past of Violet Evergarden. Violet Evergardenwas a nameless girl of 10 years of age. She was found on a remote islandrandomly by Dietfriet Bougainvillea, after he was washed ashore with his men inthe navy. She was called Little Monster by Dietfriet because she killed all hermen.

Turns out that his orders to his men to kill the Little Monster was alsoacknowledged by the little girl, and so she followed Dietfriet’s orders to ‘kill’,resulting in the death of all Dietfriet’s men. Returning home, Dietfriet leftthe little girl to his younger brother’s care, Gilbert Bougainvillea. Thus, thefirst encounter of Violet Evergarden’s most important person of her life,happened.Gilbert is a brilliantsoldier in the army and is about to be promoted into Major and be given aspecial unit of himself.

Violet is then enlisted into that unit and fought onthe war alongside with Gilbert. Violet excelled in physical abilities and wouldobey all Gilbert’s orders. The name Violet itself was given to her by Gilbert,her superior and her guardian. The emerald brooch that she had all over thechapters was also something that Gilbert bought for her. Gilbert was dear toViolet, very so she would even cast away her life to protect him.But, fate was cruel.During the final battle of the war, they were assaulting the main hideout ofthe enemy, and seizing that hideout will result in the clear outcome of thewar. It was then, that Gilbert lost his life.

Violet was severely wounded, inthe flesh, and in her heart. But, Violet survived. Her superior’s final wordswas, “live happily, and live freely unbound with orders”. Such, was the past ofViolet Evergarden.

4.8.Plot ExplanationTheplot of Violet Evergarden is thepurpose of telling the readers about who Violet Evergarden is. The author didthat by using foreshadows in all chapters before chapter 6, hinting hiddentraits of Violet Evergarden’s behaviour. The hints of each chapter was given inthe form of bold sentences on the previous sub-titles, respectively 4.2. until4.6.

Usingthe Freytag’s Pyramid, Violet Evergarencan be explained into Exposition, Inciting Incident, Rising Action, and Climax.As the limitation of the research is based only on the first volume of thenovel, the Falling Action and Conclusion can’t be concluded as the story stillcontinues into the second chapter, which is still under translation.TheExposition of the novel VioletEvergarden is the prologue. It explains about the origins ofAuto-Memories Doll and its creator.TheInciting Incident is the appearance of Violet Evergarden.

An Auto-Memories Dollwho is the focus of the story.TheRising Action is Violet’s encounter with various different clients as well ashinting her traits and past, foreshadowing the events that would be told inchapter 6. These traits and hints can be found on chapters 1 until 5.TheClimax of the story is chapter 6. It lays all detail about Violet’s past andended with the death of her beloved (although she doesn’t understand ‘love’),Major Gilbert Bougainvillea. The first then ended right after the event ofMajor Gilbert’s death.

       CHAPTER VCONCLUSION 5.1.ConclusionTo conlcude, the plotin the novel Violet Evergarden is nota chronological plot, but it is a plot connected with the essence of cause andeffect. The idea is supported by the quote Stanton (1965:14) that the plot isstory that contains the sequences of events, but each incident is onlyconnected in cause and effect, an event which caused or led to the occurrenceof other events.Also, in the end of thefirst volume of Violet Evergarden,the main character, Violet Evergarden survived the war. As it is clear in theearly chapters that Violet worked as an Auto-Memories Doll agent after the warended.

But, the first volume of the novel didn’t tell or explain what happenedto Violet Evergarden right after the war ended. There were hints and clues thatHodgins, Gilbert’s fellow officer, were entrusted by Gilbert to take care ofViolet, but the clear answer to that is currently not available as the secondvolume is still under translation. 5.2.SuggestionsThe writer suggeststhat readers can do a research about a complete analysis regarding the novel Violet Evergarden. The reason to this isbecause as time is given, the second volume’s translation will already be doneand a complete analysis will be able to be conducted, thus giving futurereaders a better grasp about the story.      BIBLIOGRAPHYThe Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica.


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